1 of 1 Lyrics by M Huncho & K-Trap, from the album “my neighbours don’t know.“, music has been produced by Quincy Tellem, and 1 of 1 song lyrics are penned down by M Huncho, K-Trap & Quincy Tellem.

1 of 1 Lyrics

(Quincy, tell ’em)
Yeah, yeah-yeah

This ain’t no trick
No magic when you press it, it’s the brick
I counted six (Yeah)
Six-figures before all this rappin’ shit, karma’s a bitch
You see you lackin’, then we’re poppin’ shit
We hit, no miss (Uh)
Took the stairs, not the lift (Uh)
RS Audi, I drift (Uh)
Took the Rollie, you bitch (Uh)
Fuck what you think, yeah (Fuck what you think)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I’m one of one, ain’t no counterfeits
Steady waitin’, bitch, it’s one of one
This shit priceless, you can’t cop this shit
You feed the hood, this the BD, yeah
In this life of pics, don’t show me guns
I ain’t scared, I’m contеnt with life
We thick, don’t how me judgе
I done sell that shit, I done made a mill’
My friends are real
They ain’t even friends, they my family, bitch, if I am rich (Rich)
Want the best for them want them to be rich
I came with scales and a thousand grams
Come, let’s back this shit, we hit the roads
Bring the pole with us, don’t don’t be startin’ shit
(Yeah, yeah)
Mind you, don’t get hit (Yeah)
Yeah, I hit it raw with her heels on (Yeah)
Baguettes for breakfast, not the French fries (Yeah)
I’m chargin’ commission for each run (Yeah)
And, this time, we’re really gonna have a clean run (Yeah)
New engine on this new whip, it’s a mean one (Yeah)
Five hundred of these APs, they gave one (Yeah)
Friends turn opportunists to just leaches (Yeah)
North West baby, yeah
Trappin’ changed me (Yeah)
Break-off safetys, yeah
Pissed off lately (Yeah)
Don’t make it, or break me, yeah
I put blood and sweat
Might just shed a tear, wish my past was clear
Wish my bros was here
Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
Wish the coast was clear (Ooh-ooh)
Uh, only God I fear
One of one, I’m rare, bitch (Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh)
(Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh)

Don’t be startin’ shit, ’cause my bro there’s really on clartin’ shit
Two G-Locks cost me a half a brick
Take holidays with me, get targets hit (Literally)
One hand on the blick, it sprays so it’s gonna be hard to miss
Turn somethin’ off outside and my young boy’s gonna be arsonist
Thousand and six
Need all of it hard, I showered a brick
Now, I’ma come buy finer things, chains and diamond rings (Diamond rings)
If I can’t shoot, I drive the dings, you ever done either or?
See the score, I already know the plugs, I’ve seen it raw
Don’t wanna hear no more lies (No), I really sold them pies
Gettin’ neck while I slowly drive
Guys gettin’ got, and I don’t know why
T-T-T-Talk too much, before rap, they were gettin’ no bread, it’s a awkward one
‘Fore rap, had a Pyrex full, uptown shoppin’, I’m buyin’ jewels
Handle broke, minor fool
Little bro still tryna find a ghoul
Dinger, the Range, I’ll slide in sports
’32 Coupe, but I like the fours
Kitchen, mixin’ so much powder, now I can’t find the fork
Baracde the door, get the ten-ten out, put it right on the floor


Song: ​1 of 1
Artist: M Huncho & K-Trap
Album: ​my neighbours don’t know. (2023)
Music: Quincy Tellem
Lyrics: M Huncho, K-Trap & Quincy Tellem

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