11:11 (Remix) Lyrics by Lil Kayla Ft. YN Jay, from the album “Who is Lil Kayla?“, music has been produced by Prod KD, and 11:11 (Remix) song lyrics are penned down by Lil Kayla & YN Jay.

11:11 (Remix) Lyrics

Lil Kayla, what’s up?

Thought I had me a real nigga, that was cap
Just made a call to the streets, bitch, I’m back
My old jawns tapping in like, “Where you at?”
One call, one tap, the nigga face up in my lap
11:11, God, send a nigga with them racks
Don’t really like scammers, I want the nigga flippin’ packs
And hoes always talking ’bout Kayla this and Kayla that
But did you tell them hoes how Kayla never gave your nigga back?
Bitch, yesterday’s nigga, he is not today’s nigga
If you coming, come correct, nigga, have that pape’ with you
I don’t want no lil’ pup, gotta have some age with him
All my niggas Tyler Perry ’cause I’m making plays with ’em
Ayy, shoutout my bro, he a real gravedigger
You won’t catch him on no pic with no bitch, he hate Insta’
‘Bout me, fuck your politics, I don’t play, nigga
Couple bitches still mad ’cause I was fucking they nigga
Please excuse me, baby, that’s the old me
But when my nigga got fucked, nobody came and told me
It’s fair game with niggas, all these bitches ever showed me
And you can’t up the score on me, so baby, let it go, please
Anyways, finna go with dude up on a dinner date
I’m at Mastro’s eating salmon, I don’t really get with steaks
Really, I just want some money, get my lil’ pussy ate
And I don’t really got a type, be out here doin’ anything
Look, this nigga been chasin’ me for years, Michael Myers
I keep tellin’ niggas that I love ’em, I’m a liar
I don’t hit them stores no more, lil’ baby, I’m retired
But you can call my phone if you looking for a buyer
Move wrong, get your ass popped like a tire
I won’t break a nail, my niggas murder for hire
Dripped down Dior, Balenci for the attire
I keep a play up, still getting checks from Empire

What the fuck? You just went crazy like that
Like, why you just do that to ’em? Like, now I gotta go

One bitch, two bitch, three bitch, I got four hoes
You do not got no bitches, you got no hoes
Drop a pint in four two liters, that’s four fours
I be ridin’ with my Bulldog, that’s .44
Hundred thousand dollars ain’t shit, you can spend it fast
Pulled up in a new McLaren, damn near spinned and crashed
Ayy, you can flip anything if you can flip a bag
How the fuck you slide on your opps and forget the mask?
He got body bagged
I just pulled up with a hothead, that’s Johnny Cash
I be skatin’ on ice like I’m in hockey class
My young dog was raised by the streets, he ain’t got a dad
It’s a lot of freak bitches in the club
Throwin’ all the money in the club, ain’t no more ones
Like, how the fuck you in the party with a gun?
I just met a college ho, she wanna party with a thug
Ayy, I’m finna unleash the dragon, I’m in beast mode
I ain’t playin’ GTA V, but I got cheat codes
I never knew that rich bitches really cheap hoes
I just put a shh on the Glock like, where the beep go?
Ayy, I made a hundred sixty-seven thousand in my Nike joggers
In the past, I thought about the future like, “I might be balling”
I’m a red-nose pitbull, I can’t stop from dogging
I done got so high off this drank, it feel like I’m falling
Ayy, I told a bitch I’ma ball, I do not need Spaulding
Nigga, how the fuck you eatin’? It look like you starving
Step back, shoot a three, I look like James Harden
Makin’ plays at the liquor store, you do no know Pauly


Song: 11:11 (Remix)
Artist: Lil Kayla Ft. YN Jay
Album: Who is Lil Kayla? (2023)
Music: Prod KD
Lyrics: Lil Kayla & YN Jay

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