Hey there, I want to tell you about a cool song called “4 More Years Lyrics” by an artist named Declan McKenna. It’s part of an album called “What Happened to the Beach? (Japan Version),” released in 2024. The music for this track was created by Declan McKenna & Jules Apollinaire, while the lyrics were a collaboration between Declan McKenna. So, if you’re into music, this might be something you’d enjoy checking out!

4 More Years Lyrics

Four more years
Four more years
Four more years
Four more years

It could be a cool end to-


Song: 4 More Years
Artist: ​Declan McKenna
Album: What Happened to the Beach? (Japan Version) (2024)
Music: Declan McKenna & Jules Apollinaire
Lyrics: Declan McKenna

“4 More Years Lyrics” by Declan McKenna is a catchy tune repeating the phrase “Four more years” throughout. The song captures a sense of anticipation, perhaps hinting at a desire for continuity or change. With its repetitive yet impactful lyrics, it reflects the theme of longing or expectation. The music, composed by Declan McKenna & Jules Apollinaire, provides an upbeat backdrop to the vocals. The simplicity of the lyrics allows listeners to interpret the meaning in their own way, whether it’s about political aspirations, personal goals, or societal hopes. Overall, it’s a track that invites reflection and engagement, making it worth a listen.

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