All On Me Lyrics by Yungeen Ace, from the album “All On Me”, latest english song 2022, music produced by Young Cutta, Aldaz & ​cocobeatszn​, and All On Me song lyrics are penned down by Landstrip Chip, Young Cutta, Aldaz, ​cocobeatszn​ & Yungeen Ace.

All On Me Lyrics

Used to dream about the bag, I got my hands in this shit
We were masked up before the pandemic came
Still remember days when the landlord tripped
Got the water from the ceiling on my wrist
Now I can buy the building if I choose to
I done ran me up a million on my YouTube
I know, baby, this ain’t what you used to
No more green money, only new blues
And I can buy the building now if need be
I can’t leave the streets ’cause they need me
Swear to God, thеre’s somethin’ ’bout them VVS
I bе shinin’ like a star when you see me…


Song: All On Me
Singer: Yungeen Ace
Album: All On Me
Music: Young Cutta, Aldaz & ​cocobeatszn​
Lyrics: Landstrip Chip, Young Cutta, Aldaz, ​cocobeatszn​ & Yungeen Ace

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