Hey there, I want to tell you about a cool song called “Beautiful Agony Lyrics” by an artist named Being as an Ocean. It’s part of an album called “Death Can Wait,” released in 2024. So, if you’re into music, this might be something you’d enjoy checking out!

Beautiful Agony Lyrics

I desire peace I’m having trouble with the chaos hand in me
Never short on belief and finding’s harder the more I seek
I’m down on bended knee
Is it so wrong to search for stillness sweet relief?
Sick of grinding my teeth
I’ll just focus on the rhythm of my feet
One infront of the other
So much yet to discover
Won’t be whole until I see all the strength in me
Right left right then left again
Those I trust can be counted on my hands
We’re no longer brothers werе we ever friеnds?
Attendance was much higher when the party began
Got a family to feed
Nose to the grindstone having stomache to [?]

I’ll keep sweating I’ll keep working, we’re all suffering
Determination is the key to our meaning
I know there’s a purpose there’s a reason in our hearts beating
What makes things precious is that life is so fleeting

Tragedy and grief repeats
But there is a peace found between
Tragedy and grief repeats
But there is a peace found between

Now I face the fate (and it’s just as I feared)
It’s taking form a demon with sharpened teeth
Never wanted to preach (I never thought I’d be here)
But life gets harder there’s evil in me
Tragedy repeats (now I’m seeing so clear)
A vicious cycle from the sky to the concrete
Is it so hard to believe? ([?] tears)
That our foes ready their venom in our time of grace
In our time of grace

I’m ready I’m waiting
And I refuse to be the one that’s fading
[?] are making this moment short
It’s mine for the taking

Beautiful agony
Beautiful agony

Tragedy and grief repeats
But there is a peace found between


Song: Beautiful Agony
Artist: Being as an Ocean
Album: Death Can Wait (2024)

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