Hey there, I want to tell you about a cool song called “Blowing Money Fast Lyrics” by an artist named Big Homiie G. It’s part of an album called “Self Made Self Paid,” released in 2024. The music for this track was created by Quay Global, while the lyrics were a collaboration betweeen Big Homiie G & Quay Global. So, if you’re into music, this might be something you’d enjoy checking out!

Blowing Money Fast Lyrics

Cook that shit up Quay
Cook that shit up a lil’ more Quay
Hold up

I’m still eatin’ crackers and tuna fish
These niggas so broke they don’t know who to diss (Fuck ’em)
I just blew a hundred thou’ for a title (Title)
Off the head I ain’t never been a writer (Been a writer)
I just blew another twenty on a jet (On a boom)
Bitch bad she ain’t never flew that (Never flew that)
Nigga gangsta as hell behind the mic (On a mic)
Run into ’em they ain’t never said that (They ain’t even say that)
They really be nicе I told you (Told you)
They copy my style I mold you (I mold you)
I’m payin’ the plug on timе my nigga
You never hear me say “I owe you” (No sir)
You cuffin’ that bitch she old news (News)
I been hit her then dropped her on Pro Tools
I want nun else to do with her (Do with her)
But she can still hang like a crew member (What up gang?)
I keep shots like a bartender (Bartender)
Ride the neat like a car rental (Skrrt skrrt)
Takin’ risks like Kawhi Leonard
Tell her “After we fuck cook a fire dinner” (Uh)
Yeah I’m cool but I shoot niggas (Bow)
Fuck with us how you die quicker (Ooh)
Fifty thousand for cuz’ lawyer if he need you to lie better lie with him (Lie)
Man you better lie for him (Yeah)
I told him I got him I die for him (Gotchu)
All this money keep on comin’ in comin’ in it got me in rare form (Ooh)
I’m hard they study my platform (Ooh)
I block the bitch when she get too annoying (Damn)
I’m outta here she like “Where you goin’?”
I know the purple bad but I keep pourin’ (Ooh)
I’m outer space ya dig? (Ya dig?)
We done drunk ’bout an eight ya dig? (Ya dig?)
Nigga this grown man business
Where I’m from we don’t play with no kids (No sir)
You want the Glock or the SIG (Uh)
When you catch him better take off his wig (Take off his wig)
We been at it all night I know they don’t like it (Yeah)


Song: Blowing Money Fast
Artist: Big Homiie G
Album: Self Made Self Paid (2024)
Music: Quay Global
Lyrics: Big Homiie G & Quay Global

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