BRON Lyrics by Benny the Butcher, from the album “Everybody Can’t Go“, music has been produced by Hit-Boy, and BRON song lyrics are penned down by Benny the Butcher, Hit-Boy & Francisco Rodriguez.

BRON Lyrics

Ah, I ain’t even gon’ count down for you ni**as (Turn the beat up some)
The Butcher comin’ I’ma surprise you ni**as

I been on
So long people startin’ to hate it they feel scorn
I see the looks on all they faces and I’m torn
It’s like, I ain’t wanna do this but if it gotta be a shootin’
I guess I’ma be the shooter you been warned
I’m in this bit*h poppin’ Ace like I’m Shawn
They play your shit look at the gang and then we yawn
Why would he make that lame choice?
Man these ni**as couldn’t score if they had game point

And I’m ‘Bron
After the chip I told my folks back home “So long”
I move my family and my bricks to a place whеre it’s warm
I’m back in championship condition
I can’t resist all this winnin’
It’s like mе and success built a bond

So let’s stay brief
I’m in a rush at TSA they tryna X-ray me
I made my bit*h so bad that her ex can’t speak
The only way to make her litter is a sex tape leak a little porn

Come on I’m just f*ckin’ around (Uh-huh)
Yeah, uh

f*ck the world am I wrong?
I’m in the V.I.P. a hundred ni**as strong
Hustlers yellin’ from the bleachers “Put me on”
I ran it up ain’t take me long
My life a story out of Psalms
And I can put that on my mother first-born
In my city I’m King Kong
Kim Jong Un to me you ni**as like this small
Say “White bitch” I probably meant what a brick cost
I’m in a five-star hotel suite with a Swiss broad
Then I’m gone
Pinky ring of a don
Bad boy like I’m Sean
I’m like Goldeneye Bond
That’s twenty-five inf’ beams scopin’ out harm (Brrt)
So how you ni**as gon’ hide from us with polka dots on?
You ni**as is drawn
You probably heard when I got shot
I brought a Rollie AP and a Cartier after that watch (You heard that too)
I been back home fifty times since all the rumors were chillin’
These killers with me keep asking me “What we doin’?”
Them ni**as bored

Ayy yo get the champagne
Ayy yo, Hit-Boy we gon’ get the champagne and goggles
We sprayin’ this shit everywhere we goin’ to Illio’s
Tell ’em open the back room up for us
Let’s go

And I’m ‘Bron
After the chip I told my folks back home “So long”
I move my family and my bricks to a place where it’s warm
I’m back in championship condition
I can’t resist all this winnin’
It’s like me and success built a bond (Bond)


Song: BRON
Artist: Benny the Butcher
Album: Everybody Can’t Go (2024)
Music: Hit-Boy
Lyrics: Benny the Butcher, Hit-Boy & Francisco Rodriguez

Benny the Butcher BRON Song Meaning

The singer starts off by saying he won’t even bother counting down for others because he’s confident and ready to surprise them.

He’s been around for a long time, and some people are starting to dislike him. He sees the looks on their faces, and it bothers him. He didn’t want to get into conflicts, but if he has to, he’ll be the one to confront them. He’s in the scene, enjoying himself with expensive drinks, while others play their music, but he and his crew aren’t impressed. He’s questioning why someone would make a foolish choice. He believes these people couldn’t succeed even if they tried hard.

He compares himself to LeBron James after winning a championship. He left his old life behind for something better, taking his family and belongings to a warmer place. He feels like he’s in top condition for winning again and again, feeling a strong connection to success.

He’s in a hurry at the airport security, joking about the situation. He’s made his partner so attractive that her ex can’t even talk to her. He jokes about the only way to make her mad is if a private video of them gets leaked.

Just a playful break from the serious tone.

He feels like he doesn’t care about the world’s opinion. He’s surrounded by a lot of people in a VIP area. People are asking him for opportunities, but he’s already made it big, and it didn’t take him long. His life feels like a powerful story, almost like a tale from the Bible. He’s so influential in his city that he feels like a king. He mentions big purchases and luxuries, feeling like a James Bond character with powerful weapons. He mocks those who try to hide from him, saying they’re foolish. He talks about recovering from a gunshot, and despite the rumors, he’s doing just fine. His friends are eager to know what’s next, showing they’re ready for action.

He’s excited, calling for champagne and celebrating with his friends.

Reiterating his comparison to LeBron James, feeling like a champion who’s moved on to better things, with success as his close companion.

In simple terms, the song is about someone who’s been through a lot, risen above challenges, and now enjoys the fruits of success while facing the envy and intrigue of others. It’s a mix of confidence, swagger, and a reflection of a life filled with highs and lows.

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