Cocaine Paste Lyrics by Conway the Machine & Jae Skeese, from the album “Pain Provided Profit“, music has been produced by Graymatter (producer), and Cocaine Paste song lyrics are penned down by Conway the Machine & Jae Skeese.

Cocaine Paste Lyrics

Still waiting for a big smile out of you
You’re up 2-0, what’s the story, are you not happy?
Or you’re only half-happy? Or—
What’s there to be happy about?
You’re up 2-0
Job’s not finished
Job finished? No, I don’t think so

Uh, look, we landslidin’ (Landslidin’)
It’s DrumWork, bitch, we landslidin’ (Uh-huh)
My man slidin’ like doors on the caravan, got ’em (Brr)
Diggin’ in that pot, I can’t keep my hands out it (Uh-huh)
So you ain’t gettin’ a damn dollar (Not a penny, ni**a)
I call my shooter Dame Dolla, it’s written all on his face
He can’t hide it, he itchin’ to catch a damn body (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
Yeah (Brr), yeah, he itchin’ to catch a damn body (Uh)

Look, Saint Patrick’s Day 1 lows (Uh-huh)
I shamrocked it, yes, I copped it
My sneaker problem got bands hoppin’ right up out of
My pants pockets, the Yeezy 1’s, I copped the ten option (Right)
Stüssy Dunk highs, they had the brown and tan ASICS
Rocked ’em once and then I flipped ’em for the damn profits (Let’s get it)
A fly ni**a with advanced knowledge, yeah (You know that, haha)
DrumWork (Talk that talk), we fly ni**as with advanced knowledge, look

I dotted my I’s and I crossed my Ts (Uh-huh)
You want a feature from Con’, it’s gon’ cost you cheese (I need a bag)
I did it bigger and took it further than they believed
One bracelet, it’s two artist advances on my sleeve (Uh, hahaha)

I’m fresher than patent leather shinin’, I rock the Cs (Uh-huh)
Retro 4’s with the S on the tongue, Christopher Reeves (Woo)
I killed ’em, all they saw is red like the Khaled 3’s
My shorty and me, like the Kobe 9’s, a masterpiece, goddamn (Come on)

Yeah, I’m Armani every three, shoutout my brother Skeese
He threw ’em to me like breeze (Good looks, my ni**a)
I rocked the black strings and my Chicago SBs
In two drops, made four hundred thousand from tees, ni**a

Supreme box logos on the heel, it’s box logos on the tee (Facts)
Black suede all over my Uptempo 33’s (Facts)
I’m tip-toein’ through my cousin vintage like a gymnast (What up?)
They keep me fresh to death just like a f*ckin’ life sentence
Retro 3’s light linen with the canvas on the uppers (Uh-huh)
And they must respect the Drum, ’cause we demand it, motherf*cker

Sold ten ’cause I’m a hustler, got the hammer with the muffler
That’s the TEC with air holes and I’ma blam this motherf*cker (Boom, boom, boom)
Hundred bands on the band, my wrist dancin’ like it’s Usher (Hahaha)
Tryna chill, but understand, you force my hand and I’ma touch you, ni**a (Brr)

I’ma get you, ni**a
We ain’t playin’, ni**a
DrumWork, ni**a


Song: Cocaine Paste
Artist: Conway the Machine & Jae Skeese
Album: Pain Provided Profit (2023)
Music: Graymatter (producer)
Lyrics: Conway the Machine & Jae Skeese

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