Hey there, I want to tell you about a cool song called “Cover Girl Lyrics” by an artist named Haux. It’s part of an album called “Blue Angeles,” released in 2024. The music for this track was created by Haux & UE Nastasi, while the lyrics were a collaboration betweeen Haux & Spencer Bartlett Holmes Murphy. So, if you’re into music, this might be something you’d enjoy checking out!

Cover Girl Lyrics

At first I thought I was just dreaming it
I’ve been hearing her voice in my sleep for nights anyway

Sleeping in my bed
Dreaming in slow motion
She had a blue Corvette
And her grandmother’s eyes

She was nineteen
With a big dream
And no regard for her future
She was nineteen
Baggy blue jeans
And half a pack of the spirits

My cover girl my cover girl
(Like Halle Barry in Monster’s Ball sadness
She a good girl gone bad she the baddest)

There’s something happening here
I take off my watch and watch the time disappear
She blows me a kiss and runs a hand through my hair
Her love’s like truth or dare
(Daredevil on the 2
Espírito santo on the dash
Don’t think twice think fast)

She was nineteen
With a big dream
And her song ended too soon

My cover girl my cover girl

(Cover girl)


Song: Cover Girl
Artist: Haux
Album: Blue Angeles (2024)
Music: Haux & UE Nastasi
Lyrics: Haux & Spencer Bartlett Holmes Murphy

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