Hey there, I want to tell you about a cool song called “Crazy… Lyrics” by an artist named Joël Lobban. It’s part of an album called “I Still Think About You – EP,” released in 2024. The music for this track was created by Colin Munroe, while the lyrics were a collaboration between Joël Lobban & Colin Munroe. So, if you’re into music, this might be something you’d enjoy checking out!

Crazy… Lyrics

What if I did what you did to me (Mm)
That’d be crazy

You definitely would’ve popped off (Uh)
And things would’ve gone dark (Ayy)
Oh-oh oh-oh you lied to my face and my whole heart (Yeah yeah)
And now you over tryna push start (Push start)
Remember when you slept at the wrong crib (Ooh)
Then you tried to act like you never did
I don’t even care what you didn’t do
You still tried to front now I’m in a mood

What if I did what you did to me (That’d be crazy)
That’d be crazy (Crazy ayy yeah)
What if I (Ayy) did what you did to me (That’d be crazy)
Shit that’d be crazy (Crazy)

You only say “I love you” ’cause you messed up
I see through your words wish you best luck
Ayy stuttеr when you talk got me big mad
You ain’t evеn Blood wavin’ red flags
You always quick to give apologies I
Been a big dawg this is comedy
There ain’t no chances only one with me
I don’t wanna hear it baby

What if I did what you did to me (That’d be crazy)
That’d be crazy (Crazy)
What if I did what you did to me
Shit that’d be crazy (Crazy)

Woah-woah oh-oh


Song: Crazy…
Artist: Joël Lobban
Album: I Still Think About You – EP (2024)
Music: Colin Munroe
Lyrics: Joël Lobban & Colin Munroe

The lyrics of “Crazy” by Joël Lobban talk about the aftermath of betrayal and dishonesty in a relationship. The singer reflects on the idea of reciprocating the hurt inflicted upon them, which they find absurd (“That’d be crazy”). They recall the lies and manipulation (“you lied to my face and my whole heart”) and how the other person tries to downplay their mistakes. Despite the apologies and declarations of love, the singer sees through the facade, recognizing the insincerity and red flags. Ultimately, they assert their self-worth and refuse to entertain further deception. The song captures the emotions of betrayal and empowerment amidst heartbreak.

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