Dandelion Root Lyrics by Rexx Life Raj, from the album “California Poppy 3“, music has been produced by Sango, and Dandelion Root song lyrics are penned down by Rexx Life Raj.

Dandelion Root Lyrics

Yeah, uh
Ayy, look, ayy

Driving yourself nuts over a life that you wish you had
When in fact these niggas that you idolize be rich and sad
You need to put the work in or live in regret, bro, pick a path
This shit is math, we double ’til we bubble like we in a bath
Big and black this shit that look like anger really passion in me
I don’t tolerate no disrespect, no, that’s my daddy in me
Taught these boys way more than they’ll admit, I know they shadowing me
Dropped so many gems on these niggas, tell Zena tap in with me
Yeah, okay
Slow motion bеtter than no motion, gradual ascension
I can’t put my brand next to your brand, that would bе bad for the business
I can’t trust no nigga that free his morals to grab attention
After you done hoeing yourself out, what you gon’ tell your children?
Passive income, might floor my funds and start a laundromat
They sleep on me but I can’t sleep on me, I’m an insomniac
I’m glamping with my bitch out in Tiburon, smoking poppy pack
Digital dash, I came a long way from the Pontiac, yeah
I remember the Pontiac, we would, we would slide in that bitch, for real, okay
If you be outside, why they don’t see you? You a chupacabra
Uptown in Manhattan, Babbalucci, I might do Lasagna
I might sell you dreams but the nigga you with buy you McDonald’s
You just roll your eye then get the number nine, bitch, you the problem
Do you want something out the stove? I’m finna grab some condoms
Yeah, I like Molly but this pill full of dandelions, yeah
I know you got a lot going on but, like dandelions is not just some weed
Like the culture, like look up dandelion root, I know, I’m probably telling niggas too much and you probably know that [?]


Song: Dandelion Root
Artist: Rexx Life Raj
Album: California Poppy 3 (2023)
Music: Sango
Lyrics: Rexx Life Raj

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