Dehumanize! Lyrics by Knock Monsterr, from the album “Kind Stranger“, latest song 2022, music has been produced by Knock Monsterr, and Dehumanize! song lyrics are penned down by Knock Monsterr.

Dehumanize! Lyrics


I need to be someone’s new obsession
‘Cause the other side’s just confusion and questions
Time warp, baby, I don’t learn my lesson
Where’s your attention? What’s your intentions?
Make me shut up and I won’t do you harm
Let me be the black hole stuck between your arms
Alarm, Allah gave me signs and I ignored the signs
These days I just been empty inside
Showing off this dead skin, moving like a zombie
Do you want me? Do you want me? Do you want me?
Dress myself in a crop cut casket
If I show my stomach, will you spill my guts like Michael Afton?
I need escape, I’ll be running to the bridges
But I swear on Annem, they won’t put me on another four digits
Grudges on my back in the spots where I bled
It takes my all not to paint my white flags red
Yeah, I turn myself dehumanized
Hanging with the clique, I made myself dehumanized
Put myself in this hole, only blame is mine
Don’t think I’m anything but the look in your eyes



Song: Dehumanize!
Singer: Knock Monsterr
Album: Kind Stranger (2022)
Music: Knock Monsterr
Lyrics: Knock Monsterr

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