Devil’s Work 2 Lyrics by Joyner Lucas, music has been produced by ADHD Productions, Leo Son, Aurora Beats & Lavi$h, and Devil’s Work 2 song lyrics are penned down by Joyner Lucas.

Devil’s Work 2 Lyrics

Oh-oh, oh-oh
Ooh, oh-oh, oh-oh
Oh-oh, oh-oh
Ooh, oh-oh, oh-oh
Guess we gotta try this again

Dear Lord, I know that we been here before (Yeah)
It’s been a long time, I hope that You don’t slam the door
I tried to walk away but there’s some shit I can’t ignore
I could be wrong but seems like You don’t even care no more (Facts)
‘Cause since our last talk, You ain’t playin’ fair no more (Uh)
And when I pray, it kinda feel like You ain’t there no more
I still don’t understand why ni**as who deserve to die is livin’
But the ones who ain’t deserve it isn’t here no more
And, no, I don’t want no one else to die
Instead of tradin’ souls, I got somethin’ else in mind (Yeah)
There’s a lot of moments that I wish that I could change
I could fix a lot of pain if You help me out this time (Joyner)
Maybe we can undo all the damage, press rewind
Reset the clock and make it so some ni**as never die (Yeah)
And maybe fix all the mistakes of those who still alive and give them all a second try (Damn)
Erase that Will Smith slap and turn him back around
Or wait ’til they get backstage so they could have it out (Yeah)
Or maybe make it so that Chris chose a different joke (Uh)
A different topic, somethin’ Jada won’t be mad about (Facts)
Matter of fact, let’s talk about the shit I’m sad about
When Pop Smoke accidentally leaked that address out (Pssh)
Lord, You know the streets crazy, how You dropped the ball
When You know ni**as keep a target on these rappers now? (Baow, baow, baow)
And give us Kobe Bryant back, we a mess without him (Uh)
Take back the day he ever stepped inside the helicopter
Make him take the car instead and forget the chopper
Maybe take a different route or get a different driver
Can’t believe You took his daughter and she left behind him
It’s kinda hard to see the positive and that’s the problem
I know You don’t make mistakes but I was hopin’ You’d erase that bullshit so his family won’t be left without him (Yeah)
And I wish I could fly to Russia on a different mission
And make ’em pay for puttin’ Brittney Griner into prison (Word)
Or maybe You could bring her back to February 17th
And You could take the CBD so she ain’t flyin’ with it (Yeah)
Or maybe change that nine years and give her nine minutes (Minutes)
Or better yet, change the laws so they could stop trippin’ (Trippin’)
I know that’s a lot to wish and it ain’t my business
But until You grant my wish, I ain’t gon’ stop wishin’ (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
But Lord, listen, this shit urkin’ me (Me)
How You take PNB? That shit absurd to me (Why You do that shit?)
So many questions ’bout that shit and it’s disturbin’ me (Word)
Like ni**as can’t eat waffles without security? (Security)
And ni**as can’t work hard and go buy some jewelry? (Jewelry)
That one hurt to see (Damn)
And by the end of the song, they gon’ try to murder me
And if they do, I hope my fans take it personally
I know You hear me talkin’, Lord, don’t be curvin’ me
Won’t You take us back to Kylie Jenner’s party (Pssh)
Before them shots hit the floor (Baow, baow)
Before the bullets ricocheted and leave a drippin’ mall
We don’t know the truth or if we misinformed
But either way, take it back and make Tory hop inside a different car (Word)
Broke my heart when DMX died, that hit the core
Feel like that ni**a was an angel in a different form
Might’ve had a drug problem like he did before
But he was fightin’ demons and I know that that’s a different war (That’s a different war)
Mm, You must got a major ego
I ain’t tryna disrespect or tryna play the hero (Nah)
But when You took Takeoff, You took my favorite Migos
Look, I don’t know how that make sense ’cause it make zero (None)
And f*ck a wrong place, wrong time, that ain’t G though
Took that man right in his prime, that’s plain evil (Pssh)
When Tommy Lister died I cried and played CeeLo (Word)
‘Cause I can’t even watch Friday without sayin’, “Deebo” (Facts, uh)
You know this shit got me stressed, right? (Yeah)
Starin’ at the Bible, tryna figure out who’s next like
Why You take the ones who ain’t deserve to see what death like? (Huh?)
Meanwhile 6ix9ine free, livin’ his best life (Huh?)
Go back to the day that he took the stand and confessed, right
Tape his mouth shut so he never talk to the feds like
Make him do his time so his ni**as gotta do less, right
Make him learn from Bobby so he can know what respect like
Lord, forgive me for my language and these bad words
But that Candace Owens bitch get on my last nerve
How You gon’ tell me that what we witnessed on TV wasn’t murder when we watched ni**as turn his ass into Casper? (Ayy)
George died from asphyxiation and that’s a factor
Fentanyl or not, he’d had never died and his last words were, “I cannot breathe”
So really she gotta chill or maybe they should trade places so she could see how it feel (Burn, for real)
Lil’ bitch got me stressed, God (Yeah)
Probably not prepared for what I’m askin’ next, God (Uh)
Bring Ye momma back ’cause he a mess, God
And he ain’t been the same ever since Donda West died
Yeah, that’s the day Kanye West died
First his heart, then his mind, then the rest died
And if your bank account is overkill, your soul could be broken still
Even a rich spirit money can’t buy (Uh)
I pray that Heavens watch me (Ayy)
Rest in peace Biz Markie, you got peace (Peace)
Young Dolph, King Von, Drakeo, top three (Three)
Black Rob, Trouble, Virgil and Shock G (Ayy)
Pat Stay, Kay Slay and Fred the God, geesh
Almost took Lil Tjay but I’m happy he godly
Lord, You even took Black Panther, that’s not G
And when Sidhu Moose Wala got shot that shot me (I’m free)
Beggin’ for Your guidance on this ghetto earth
Frustrated, tryna understand how Heaven works (Heaven works)
I’m just hopin’ You could pull a couple strings or redo a couple things so maybe we could get a second turn (Second turn)
You took Juice from us, that forever hurts (Forever hurts)
But puttin’ the blame on You, that’ll never work (Never work)
I know this ain’t Your fault, it’s the devil’s work (Devil’s work)
Devil’s work (Devil’s work)


Song: Devil’s Work 2
Artist: Joyner Lucas
Music: ADHD Productions, Leo Son, Aurora Beats & Lavi$h
Lyrics: Joyner Lucas

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