Don’t Know (GloRidaz Bonus) Lyrics by GloRilla, from the album “Anyways, Life’s Great… (Bonus Edition)”, music has been produced by Track Gordy, and Don’t Know (GloRidaz Bonus) song lyrics are penned down by GloRilla.

Don’t Know (GloRidaz Bonus) Lyrics

He like, “We gon’ see each other today?” I’m like, “Where your ho at?” (Where your ho at?)
Nigga see me poppin’ shit and now he want his ho back (It’s too late now)
Got his name saved in my phone as “Don’t Answer,” ayy (Ayy, ayy)
But if I’m drunk enough, I might just fuck around and answer (Ayy, let me see that phone)
Nigga toxic, he don’t wanna text, he tryna come and see me (God)
How the fuck we go from arguin’ to me bustin’ on his VVs? (What the fuck?)
Pussy got some knockout, make a nigga catch a DV (Bah, bah)
Made his ass an ex, he was about to be my BD
(Thank you for calling Planned Parenthood)
I be like, “I’m done with him, this time, that nigga blew it” (On God, I’m done)
‘Til he come and fuck the brains outta my ass and get me back stupid (I love him)
We just fuck from time to time, in public, that’s my young nigga
He say I’m a player, he know I’m just havin’ fun with ’em (None of that shit serious)
Nah, he say I’m a dirt bike, I get nasty when I ride it, uh
Told him eat the cake like Anna Mae, he better not bite it, ayy (Eat the cake)
Bitch, I’m gettin ripped tonight, shit got me excited (On gang)
And yeah, he got a bitch, I asked him why he didn’t invite her

Man, why you ain’t, didn’t invite the bitch, man?
I told you the ho could’ve came, man
I got this ho all on my motherfuckin’ dick
Whole time, I’m still ain’t comin’ off your motherfuckin’ ass, on the gang

Way he lick me like a cigar, it’s smoke about that nigga (On the gang)
He callin’ me his rider, but we fuckin’ in the bitch car (Nigga fucked up)
He thinkin’ that I love him ’cause I say that when we fuckin’
Got that nigga tryna lock in, I can’t clock in, that’s your bitch job (Just the ho job)
Be tellin’ folks he cut me off, his scissors dull as hell (What?)
And if they sit up and believe his ass, they just as dumb as him (Stupid-ass niggas)
Hate when niggas be on lame shit, tellin’ people that they fucked me (Lame-ass nigga)
But I’m the type to put it on my life that you ain’t touch me (Swear to God)
Let a nigga get to playin’ with me, I’m quick to yell out fuck him
Go to sleep and get on business the next day like it wasn’t nothin’, ayy (It wasn’t shit)
When it come to niggas, I’m a urinal, I take no shit
And, baby, I’m the one, I don’t come second after no bitch (Swear to God)
He know I’m a different bitch, so I ain’t worried ’bout his bitches (nah)
And he don’t ask me who I’m fuckin’, nigga know it ain’t his business (Shh)
He ain’t tryna fall in love with me, he know I got them niggas (Glorilla, bitch)
We ‘posed to be in love, so he can’t get me out the picture (Pose)
Every time I get drunk, he the nigga I’ma call on
Gotta keep a couple niggas in the cut, though, just to fall on
Have his face all in my ass, then go and get in bitches’ faces (Ugh)
Probably why they lookin’ shitty, bitches know they can’t replace me
On the gang


Song: Don’t Know (GloRidaz Bonus)
Artist: GloRilla
Album: Anyways, Life’s Great… (Bonus Edition) (2023)
Music: Track Gordy
Lyrics: GloRilla

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