Dreamer Lyrics by Yours Are The Only Ears, from the album “We Know The Sky“, and Dreamer song lyrics are penned down by Susannah Cutler.

Dreamer Lyrics

I fall asleep
But I live inside my dreams
I don’t know what they mean
I tell you everything
I forget how to fly
When you talk I close my eyes
Imagine all the ways I lie
Just to keep this alive

And I wanted to be, like
How I thought it was gonna be, like
How I thought it was supposed to be

Could you see it how I see?
I used to think you’d change for me
Now I know better than to
Wait for you
I’ll be strong tomorrow
Tonight, I’ll just sing my song
There is not more to talk about
I said it all along

And I wanted to feel, like
How I thought it was gonna feel, like
How I thought this time was real


Song: Dreamer
Artist: Yours Are The Only Ears
Album: We Know The Sky (2023)
Lyrics: Susannah Cutler

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