Hey there, I want to tell you about a cool song called “Everybody Can’t Go” by an artist named Benny the Butcher & Kyle Banks. It’s part of an album called “Everybody Can’t Go,” released in 2024. The music for this track was created by Hit-Boy & Corbett, while the lyrics were a collaboration between Benny the Butcher, Kyle Banks, Hit-Boy & Corbett. So, if you’re into music, this might be something you’d enjoy checking out!

Everybody Can’t Go Lyrics

They don’t make ’em like us no more
You know, everybody gon’ say they like that
Everybody gon’ say that
But this for us this for y’all

First I made a couple dollars then my status changed
To let ’em know that I’m thankful I’m giving back the game
Show ’em how I made it out from my trapping phase
‘Cause I was more like Barry Bonds in a batting cage
Shit, all I did was stack and pray
I’m from the jungle where nig*as count war wounds as accolades
Weed legalg I got a greenhouse growing packs
The farmer cutting hair off it like Doja Cat
Gotta be a hustler wanna stand on the side
You wanna be a boss you look a man in his eyеs
Buck 20 in the whip when I’m playing in a five
Thе only time you did that was in a ambulance ride
I remember the first time I got my hands on a pie
I broke it down then sold it one gram at a time
No ginger ale but I could have bled Canada dry
Hear the money counter running and my stamina rise

I’ve been on the grind so long no help, did it all on my own
Wonder if you know
Wonder if you love me like you said you did before (Yo)
‘Cause everybody just can’t go

Accept that pain come with the money spending cash through tears
We the reason nig*as got deals to pass few years
Let’s add up all the rappers I inspired out here
Sound anything like Griselda sign right here
Stashin’ money in the bathroom ceiling, my moms bitchin’
Cooking work, microwave beeping sound like a bomb tickin’
It’s gon’ harden up as soon as the forks settle in
Then break it in half like a divorce settlement
I did so much shit to wear the crown
Rocky relationship with the game like Iverson and Larry Brown
These nig*as think I get these dollars to stunt
Yeah, but my daughter going to any college she want
But I told her “Fu*k school” ’cause the cash ain’t worth the pain
And your pops was 20 and worth 30 K
Fuck I’ma do next? They guessing up wondering
Know I’ma win like the election if Trump run again

I’ve been on the grind so long no help did it all on my own
Wonder if you know
Wonder if you love me like you said you did before
‘Cause everybody just can’t go
I’ve been on the grind so long no help did it all on my own
Wonder if you know
Wonder if you love me like you said you did before
‘Cause everybody just can’t go


Song: Everybody Can’t Go
Artist: Benny the Butcher & Kyle Banks
Album: Everybody Can’t Go (2024)
Music: Hit-Boy & Corbett
Lyrics: Benny the Butcher, Kyle Banks, Hit-Boy & Corbett

Benny the Butcher & Kyle Banks Everybody Can’t Go Song Meaning

“Everybody Can’t Go” by Benny the Butcher and Kyle Banks is a powerful song that talks about the struggles, successes, and sacrifices that come with chasing dreams and achieving success. Let’s break it down in simple terms:

Benny the Butcher sets the tone, saying that not everyone can relate to their experiences, but the song is for those who can.

Benny talks about how he started from humble beginnings, making money and rising above his past. He reflects on his journey from a tough life to where he is now, using analogies like baseball to describe his hustle. He’s proud of his achievements but also acknowledges the tough times he’s been through.

Kyle Banks and Benny emphasize how they’ve worked hard without much help from others. They wonder if people truly understand and support them as they did before. The line “everybody just can’t go” suggests that not everyone can accompany them on their journey to success.

Benny continues, explaining that success comes with its own set of challenges and pains. He’s influenced many other rappers and has made sacrifices to reach where he is. He describes hiding money in unusual places and facing criticism along the way. Despite the hardships, he’s determined to keep winning.

The chorus repeats, underscoring the theme of self-reliance and questioning who truly supports them. The idea that “everybody just can’t go” reinforces that not everyone can share in their achievements.

In essence, “Everybody Can’t Go” is about the grind, the struggles, and the tough decisions that come with chasing your dreams and achieving success. It’s a reflection on personal growth, loyalty, and the realities of the journey to the top.

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