Evident Lyrics by SheedTs, from the album “C My Side“.

Evident Lyrics

I see the way ya going
And I’m not proud of decisions I made when we was growing
I used to post you on the insta get the people knowing
Now you posting by yaself I see a frequent showing
Had to block you on the social just to find some peace
But peace never is there when you truly need it
Deep down I feel defeated
Pictures of us I deleted
Only posting pictures of yourself but you say I’m conceded
Swear it’s no coincidence with you and him you know I see it
Thought that I could be it
Prayed that you would see it all the еffort that we put in got me thinking what’s the rеason
Used to dream about a time that me and you could call it even
You deaded the shit…
Now I’m having trouble grieving
Told me you wanted space for the work you needed
Stead you wanted space for the work of demons
Pretty outside but the inside is feeling squeamish
Bank account whole but my heart bank broke to pieces
So I kept grinding don’t matter now I fill beaches
It was bad blood got bread now all leaches
Man I miss bud got damn shit we all speechless
Crying over bit*hes ain’t thurl we all reach it
Some way some how they gon get it
I ain’t gotta teach it
Talked about a compromise that we can make
I hope we reach it
I just gotta stay focused
People say I’m chosen
Wanna see the world but I got family in the ocean
I’m standing on business I ain’t moving off emotion
Me and dot was really getting loads off a coaching
I ain’t popping percs in pain I take a ibuprofen
Most people a tell you that they love you but they don’t
Sometimes I feel like Heezy I’m just better on my own
But I’m so optimistic of the love that we on
I wish that I could miss it but the drugs have me gone
I just flew another city but I’m still coming home


Song: Evident
Artist: SheedTs
Album: C My Side (2023)

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