Gekyume Freestyle Lyrics by XXXTENTACION, from the album “LOOK AT ME: THE ALBUM“, latest song 2022, music has been produced by Gum$ (2), and Gekyume Freestyle song lyrics are penned down by XXXTENTACION.

Gekyume Freestyle Lyrics

Let’s see, let’s see where it takes us
Yeah, wish I had my other journal on me
Yeah, listen

I was thinking like a week ago
Trying to find some sort of recollection, I was
Two-stepping in my mind, I was
Stuttering inside my mind, I
I’m tryna find the right words, the right hertz
The right field, the right vibe
Tryna find the right high, the right ride
Tryna find the right bitch, the right time
But I think I did
‘Cause you treat me like a king and I can’t
Ever be ungrateful that’s why I am faithful
That’s why I am loyal, that’s why I am royal
To the very end
The difference between y- and my mom-, uh, yeah
The difference between me and my father is I don’t like
Being disloyal to any being on this planet
Fuck that Bible bullshit they teach
Adam and Eve, I don’t believe in anything that make me seem evil
I make a woman vice versa
Maybe I should pick a pen again
Pick up pi-pick up p-p-pick a pen again, uh
And this instrument, what up? How do I use it?

Gekyume, uh, Gekyume, I can smell the fume
I was thinking like a week ago, I said
How do I get here? How did I get here? Where do I go now?
Gekyume, I said, “Can you clear the negative manifestation?”

If everything came off the dome, I’d be a piece of shit
Honestly, I gotta sit back and think, maybe I be, uh
Maybe I be trippin’, maybe I be bitchin’, uh, yeah
Maybe I’m too sensitive but maybe I’m just me, uh
Is that the wrong thing or the right thing?
Or the right one at the right time? (Okay)


Song: Gekyume Freestyle
Album: LOOK AT ME: THE ALBUM (2022)
Music: Gum$ (2)

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