Hey there, I want to tell you about a cool song called “Get Deady Lyrics” by an artist named Fivio Foreign & 41. It’s part of an album called “Pain & Love 2,” released in 2024. The music for this track was created by AyoAA, Lawyered Beats & Verbxse, while the lyrics were a collaboration between Fivio Foreign, Kyle Richh, Tata & Jenn Carter. So, if you’re into music, this might be something you’d enjoy checking out!

Get Deady Lyrics

(Verbxse made this beat)

Yo, stop I’m off a pill
Don’t ask I don’t know how to chill
Niggas is dyin’ for keepin’ it real
I ain’t scared to go drillin’ I know how it feel (I did)
He catch a body I’m payin’ his bills
She a baddie she paintin’ her nails (I won)
2018 I was playin’ the field
Don’t none of these niggas you say I’ma kill (Bitch)
Off drugs I’m gettin’ hungry
I took a Perc’ and it give me the munchies (Munchies)
No sleep I’m feelin’ grumpy
Fuck up my time and I’m way out the country
I’m a dub I’m pullin’ dumpy
She fell in love shorty is clumsy
I tell G “Come and give me a punchy”
Gun in my pocket got me feelin’ comfy
I’m the first nigga go in a deli
I’m the first nigga call bitches wetty (Wetty)
None of these niggas don’t give me no credy
But one of these niggas gon’ give me some bready
I tell shorty “Come give me the necky”
Try to leave her but she didn’t let me
If you tatted my name then you sexy
Mix the Percocet with the Pepsi

Yo stop I’m off a pill yeah huh, get deady
Yo stop I’m off a pill yeah get deady
Yo stop I’m off a pill uh get deady
Yo stop I’m off a pill yeah get deady

Perky bustin’ I’m itchin’ my skin
Do not think I ain’t good ’cause I am not alright (Am not alright)
Like okay who tryna cyph’? (Who tryna cyph’?)
Who tryna smoke on a body tonight? (Body)
Like yo Fiv’ throw five
Push up on me think he tryna die (He tryna die)
Move on my doley I don’t need a— (Don’t need a—)
Move on my doley I don’t need a try
Stop stop I’m tryna fuck
She got the jat with a tat on her butt (That way)
Pop a Perc’ It’s unlimited rump
Thoot on my body she wanna get drunk (Say she wanna get lit)
Took a bean with saliva
I got Sheik I do not need a driver (Driver)
Like three G’s in the back of the Charger
Jah Woo up that fire (Jah Woo)
Yo Kush come out
If I can’t get him doley just throw at the crowd (Okay)
He tried to party got sent to the clouds
And if I missed a shot then I’m bendin’ around (What the fuck?)
Push up push up on me I’m gunnin’ him down
Pistol bullets is barkin’ (Grrah grrah) grrah I’m in love with the sound

Yo stop I’m off a pill yeah huh, get deady
Yo stop I’m off a pill yeah get deady
Yo stop I’m off a pill uh get deady
Yo stop I’m off a pill yeah get deady

Fivi’ said mix the Perky with Pepsi
Well I’m in the cut mixin’ Wocky with Sprite
I might shoot at his feet make a nigga get light (Boom)
Why would you come to the gunfight with a knife? (Grrah boom)
She let me fuck he jack her, ask his wife
‘Cause I got a bitch she only get one night
Like opps in the party but I got my— (Boom)
Like opps in the party but I got my pipe (Grrah boom)
Since she dissin’ she got me pissed off
Why these opp niggas doin’ my dick for?
He was dissin’ that’s what he got hit for
Bitch I’m the Ripp, so I’m droppin’ the pitchfork
Bitch I’m with Fivi’ with two German bitches
It’s crazy as fuck we met em’ at the deli
And you know she got wap no fetty
Two guns in my bag that shit heavy
I’m at the table takin’ niggas plate
When I back out my knocker niggas meet they fate
Thooties all on my dick I tell em “It’s too late”
And I make her hold the G whe we go on dates
And I let this knocker take ’em on a date
Red dot I’m aimin’ for his face
Bitch on my body like give me some space
If he step out of line we put him in his place bitch

Choppers are singin’ like it was a opera (Opera)
If he run put the beam on his partner
Bitch if it’s five in the game I’m a starter
She on my dick she wanna be Ms. Carter
He want static bullets gon’ spark him (Grrah grrah)
Bitch I can’t go nowhere without my armor (Armor)
Move with an army got different artillery (Grrah grrah)
My diamonds is dancin’ It’s goin’—
Yo Fivi like what? Tell them we really have readies and deadies
Bitch I get bready I get to the fetty (Fetty)
If he lookin’ for beef we gon’ aim for his belly (Bitch)
Like I’m with TaTa he came with a— (Came with a— came with a—)
Like I’m with TaTa he came with a knocker
Like I bet I’m opp spotter
He tried to push up we put him in—

Yo stop I’m off a pill yeah huh get deady
Yo stop I’m off a pill yeah get deady
Yo stop I’m off a pill uh get deady
Yo stop I’m off a pill yeah get deady


Song: Get Deady
Artist: Fivio Foreign & 41
Album: Pain & Love 2 (2024)
Music: AyoAA, Lawyered Beats & Verbxse
Lyrics: Fivio Foreign, Kyle Richh, Tata & Jenn Carter

“Get Deady” by Fivio Foreign & 41 is a bold song that dives into the gritty realities of street life. The lyrics paint a picture of the fast-paced, sometimes dangerous world the artists inhabit. They talk about being under the influence, feeling invincible yet vulnerable, and navigating through a landscape where survival is key. The references to drugs, violence, and bravado are evident, portraying a lifestyle that’s intense and unforgiving. Despite the harshness, there’s a sense of camaraderie and loyalty among the artists, as they navigate through their environment together. The song captures the raw energy and complexities of urban life.

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