Call it a learning process
And I’ve never been that quick
Because I take things as they come
And I respond how I see fit
But it’s easy to get distracted
As I’ve been living life abroad
But I’m starved for your acceptance
And I work for your applause

I’d always envisioned myself as a giver
But as I reflect, I’ve left something to be desired
Not that my heart hasn’t ever delivered
But that it’s never felt this inspired

To have direction, to feel complete
To embrace affection, to end all the woe is me
But mainly to harbor the love that I have to give
But for tonight, let’s just stay inside
Well it’s far too loud and I just want quiet
And if we die before we wake
I’ll blame it on the past mistakes

Without you, I’m not pure
And without you, I’m not clean
But if I’m going down with you
Then you’re going down with me

What I’m afraid of is what is certain and
What I’m sure of is that it’s on me
But I’m too tired to be that person
And that person needs to be set free

To harbor the love that I have to give

Song name Harbor
Artist Touché Amoré
Album Is Survived By

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Shahnawaz Alam