Heaven’s EP Lyrics by J. Cole, also written by J. Cole and produced the song by Anthoine Walters, JEAN BLEU, FaxOnly & Leon Thomas III.

Heaven’s EP Lyrics – J. Cole

I’m working on dying
Yeah, yeah
Gotta have a space
Gotta have a space
Know what I mean?
She belong to the streets
Freedom, know what I mean?
Space to get this shit off
Get this shit off my mind, off my chest
Know what I mean?

With every record, I be asking
The masses to tune your hearts to me
I represent intelligent niggas
That grew up harshly
But lately I’ve been questioning
Second guessing, whether or not
I’ve got something to offer
Since I done eluded poverty
Or has the money watered me down,
That truth is hard for me
Like the second time
I got cut from the junior varsity
Fightin’ back tears
I promised to switch gears
And said to myself Whatever you do
You won’t do it partially”

From this day forward
I move with a new ferocity
Ferrari coupe velocity
A fail-proof philosophy
Success is in the effort
So if a nigga tried his hardest
I’m at peace knowing God ain’t deal it
In this group of cards for me
Some people say that I’m running third
They threw the bronze at me
Behind Drake and Dot, yeah,
Them niggas is superstars to me
Maybe deep down, I’m afraid of my luminosity
So when you see me on red carpets,
I’m movin’ awkwardly

Posin’ all nervous, afraid of the judgement
And the thought of showin’
Too much of my day is repugnant
I be keepin’ my kids away
From the gaze of the public
‘Cause these days, it feel like
Hate is they favorite subject
Fuck it, attitude like a young O’Shea with a AK
Aimed at your brain, violate, and I bust it
I don’t play when it come to family,
That’s one thing I refuse
Pimpin’ they kids out for views
Or just to be in the news

Could never be me, I piss in the celebrity tea
God with me on this record, this is Heaven’s EP
The tale’s official, the best nigga breathing,
It just failed to hit you
You couldn’t tell
’cause you fell for the bells and whistles
And that’s an area I don’t excel
I’m from the ‘Ville
Where young girls talk grown as hell
That’s raw, never saw one person go to Yale
But every nigga that I know done gone to jail

At least once, provin’
We the ones police hunt
For the pains,
We smoke three blunts the size of tree trunks
Too much hunger,
It’s no wonder these niggas can’t keep up
So saying “Yes” to a feature just means
I’m ’bout to eat lunch, bitch
I’m goin’ for it, no never shall he punt
I’m the one and you can be sure,
Speaking of beachfront
I’m kickin’ my feet up while I write
This in somewhere tropical
Supposed to be relaxin’
This passion makes that impossible, mm

Supposed to be relaxin’,
This passion makes that impossible

Heaven’s EP Lyrics – Song Info

Singer: J. Cole
Written by: J. Cole
Produced by: Anthoine Walters, JEAN BLEU, FaxOnly & Leon Thomas III
Video Director: Simon Chasalow
Release Date: September 21, 2021

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