Hell for a Man Lyrics by Gideon, from the album “MORE POWER. MORE PAIN.“, music has been produced by Randy LeBoeuf, and Hell for a Man song lyrics are penned down by Caleb DeRusha.

Hell for a Man Lyrics

You were raised to be sort of a reincarnation of your father
And you were put on the stage to sing his songs

Sure, yeah

What did that do to you mentally?

I’ve got some pictures I was just looking at awhile ago, and uh, and
Of course I was a little boy
8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16
And that’s all I wanted to do
You know, I wanted to put on those boots and I wanted that hat and I wanted everything
Just like, just like him, see
But, in the late teens, and uh, early twenties, I didn’t wanna do that
‘Cause I wasn’t a little boy anymore
And if I, uh, did something different, boy, was that bad, you know
And I started doing these things I wanted to do, and
That’s when it got kinda rough


Song: Hell for a Man
Artist: Gideon
Album: MORE POWER. MORE PAIN. (2023)
Music: Randy LeBoeuf
Lyrics: Caleb DeRusha

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