Hello My Name Is Lyrics by Maiya The Don, from the album “Hot Commodity“, music has been produced by Loosechange & Yakob, and Hello My Name Is song lyrics are penned down by Maiya The Don, Yakob, Patrick Patrikios & Sunny Berhane.

Hello My Name Is Lyrics

Wake up in the mornin’, put my slippers on my feet
Out my thousand dollar bed, covered in some thousand dollar sheets
I just looked up in the mirror at a million dollar me
And these luminescent lights reflectin’ on the marble sink
It’s a penthouse view so I’m high up when I think
So much passive income, I make money while I sleep
This is million dollar grammar, you can hear it in my speech
And my bank account lookin’ lke I practice what I preach
It’s a new story every day, Maiya this, Maiya that
Lookin’ at the comments of the Shade Room with they lyin’ ass
Mentionin’ my name to get paid, they ain’t shit without me
All these people talking ’bout my life, don’t know shit about me

I hope you know, wherever you go
I hope you know, oh-oh

Look like a lady, think like a Don Lori Harvey
Brooklyn bred beauty of Macon and Marcus Garvey
I been cocky since a shorty so they can’t ignore me
I don’t need to show my wounds but what I seen scarred me
Foster care facilities, I don’t know stability
You don’t understand how that shit fucked with me mentally
Seein’ kids with they parents, can’t control the jealousy
Issues with abandonment, that’s why I need therapy
An angel on the outside, but really it be hell for me
Startin’ to feel like everybody got someone except for me
That’s why I’m confused when people got shit they expect from
Tell ’em, I ain’t got it even if I do, respectfully
A baby watchin’ babies, too young to be this grown
My siblings ain’t my kids but I raised ’em like my own
I don’t seen plenty houses but none I can call home
So used to feelin’ lonely so I hate bein’ alone
I feel like they betrayed me, remember feelin’ angry
Sittin’ in my room thinkin’, “Why my parents hate me?”
To know me is to love me, regardless of my past
I could tell you everything, you still wouldn’t know the half

I hope you know, wherever you go
I hope you know, oh-oh

Sometimes I can’t dream ’cause my thoughts is too loud
I been workin’ so hard just to make the younger me proud
They wasn’t with me, feelin’ empty, cryin’ out for help
They couldn’t see it in me, had to see it for myself
Can’t forget how that felt, when my friends ain’t believe in me
That’s why I kept quiet when them labels started meetin’ me
I don’t block blessings, that’s why I’m winnin’ secretly
I can be at peace knowin’ you only got a piece of me
Sometimes you gotta wait it out, that’s what the lesson is
E was the only person willin’ to invest in this
That’s why he the only one I’m splittin’ all my blessings with
Loyalty is everything, I never gotta question his
The happiest I been so why I’m feelin’ anxious?
Thought that it’d feel good tellin’ my siblings that I made it
But the pressure gettin’ heavy, this weight is on my shoulders
God knows I’m tired of bein’ His strongest soldier
I can’t put a price on this, I put my life in it
My story ain’t finished, ’cause nigga, I’m still writin’ it
Nigga, I depend on me, fuck I look like stoppin’?
I can’t afford to quit, losing’s not an option

I hope you know, wherever you go


Song: Hello My Name Is
Artist: Maiya The Don
Album: Hot Commodity (2023)
Music: Loosechange & Yakob
Lyrics: Maiya The Don, Yakob, Patrick Patrikios & Sunny Berhane

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