Hey there, I want to tell you about a cool song called “HILARIOUS Lyrics” by an artist named $NOT Ft. Cochise. It’s part of an album called “Viceroy” released in 2024. The music for this track was created by Nate Morgan & Dreamz. while the lyrics were by $NOT & Cochise, So, if you’re into music, this might be something you’d enjoy checking out!


[Intro; Cochise]
What the fuck? (Uh)
What the fuck? (Yeah)
What the fuck? (Okay)

[Verse 1; Cochise]
I can’t trust this bitch, I think she really think I’m dumb (Ayy)
I’ma dick her down, that belly hurt, I gave her Tums (Ayy)
Tell ’em, “I’ve been eatin'”, I’m too messy (Woah), leaving crumbs (Okay, ayy)
Told that this ain’t DMC, I told this bitch to run (Run)
President like [PNP?], you know I got my gun (My gun)
Catch me at that BNB with shawty having fun (Fun)
Made a half-a-milli’, spent a billi’ for my son (Okay, okay)
Woah, ayy, please don’t start (Oh, woah)
Ayy, brand new whip, let’s push the start (Oh, woah)
Ayy, they ain’t even with me since the start (Oh, woah)
If a nigga tryna try me he get sparked (He get sparked, oh, woah)
He get lightning, ayy, he get striked (Oh, woah, boy)
Ayy, told ’em, “Pull up with the sticks and stop that typing” (Oh, woah)
Got my hands out, sticking niggas like the Heisman (Oh, woah)
Now my money, it is special like the Kaisen (Ayy, oh-woah)
(Yeah, yeah)

[Verse 2; $NOT & Cochise]
I send them niggas straight to hell (Yeah)
I fuck yo’ bitch up in the car, I don’t need no hotel (Tell, yeah)
I’m steppin’ in my AirForce 1’s, I don’t need no Giselles (Go)
I touch down on that pussy like my name is Odell Beckham (Beckham)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, huh (Yeah, ha, haha)
Slow it down, I’m off a Perc and my cup with dirt (Dirt)
I know my choppa full of sin, it’s gon’ watch you burn (Burn)
I know I put in so much work, can’t lose stamina (Stamina, let’s go, go)
Stamina (Boaw), stamina (Thrrt, bo-boo—)
Stamina (Boop), stamina (Damn)
Stamina, stamina
Stamina, stamina
Pull up, northside (Woo, northside)
Try and hold my digits, hold up, I can’t drive (Yeah, yeah)
I’m posted with my .9, don’t you move, you might end up dead (Dead)
I’m off a couple drugs, put you in that Cyber Truck (Truck)
Smokin’ angel dust, these niggas cannot fuck with us (Us)
Diamonds on my wrist, that shit just look like emo cuts (Emo cuts)
These niggas talkin’ all that shit, you know I give no fucks (Fucks, give no fucks)
John Wayne (John Wayne)
Bloodstain (Bloodstain)
Chains swing (Chains swing)
That money (That money)

[Outro; $NOT]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah


Artist: $NOT Ft. Cochise
Album: Viceroy (2024)
Music: Nate Morgan & Dreamz
Lyrics: $NOT & Cochise

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