I Just Want It Lyrics by Daði Freyr, from the album “I’m Still Making An Album 2/3“, music has been produced by Daði Freyr, and I Just Want It song lyrics are penned down by Daði Freyr.

I Just Want It Lyrics

I want my face on the cover of a magazine
I want my videos to play on a million screens
Play huge shows, hear the thunderous screams
I wanna make the biggest spectacle the world’s ever seen

I just want it

I want your grandmother to be aware of my name
I want a lot of the things that come with fortune and fame
Still go unnoticed when I feel like shit
Everything my way, that’s basically it

I just want it
I just want it
I just want it

But I don’t need it though
Should probably let it go
I’ve been blinded by my life for so long
Don’t ask me why
And if it passes by
That’s alright, it’s too much anyway

I just want it
I just want it
I just want it
I just want it


Song: I Just Want It
Artist: Daði Freyr
Album: I’m Still Making An Album 2/3 (2023)
Music: Daði Freyr
Lyrics: Daði Freyr

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