Hey there, I want to tell you about a cool song called “I Love You, I’m Sorry Lyrics” by an artist named Gracie Abrams. It’s part of an album called “The Secret of Us” released in 2024. while the lyrics were by Gracie Abrams & Audrey Hobert, So, if you’re into music, this might be something you’d enjoy checking out!

I Love You, I’m Sorry Lyrics

Two Augusts ago
I told the truth, oh, but you didn’t like it, you went home
You’re in your Benz, and I’m by the gate
Now you go alone
Charm all the people you train for, you mean well but aim low
And I’ll make it known like I’m getting paid

That’s just the way life goes
I like to slam doors close
Trust me, I know it’s always about me
I love you, I’m sorry

Two summers from now
We’ll have been talking, but not all that often, we’re cool now
I’ll be on a boat
And you’re on a plane
Going somewhere same
And I’ll have a drink
Wistfully lean out my window and watch the sun set on the lake
It might not feel real, but it’s okay
See Gracie Abrams Live
Get tickets as low as $66

‘Cause that’s just the way life goes
I push my luck, it shows
Thankful you don’t send someone to kill me
I love you, I’m sorry

You were the best, but you were the worst
As sick as it sounds, I loved you first
I was a dick, it is what it is
Habit to kick, the age-old curse
I tend to laugh whenever I’m sad
Stare at the crash, it actually works
Making amends, this shit never ends
I’m wrong again
Wrong again

When life goes too fast down your road
Lay on the horn to prove that it haunts me
I love you, I’m sorry
The way life goes, I wanna speak in code
Hope that I don’t
Won’t make it about me
I love you, I’m sorry


Song: I Love You, I’m Sorry
Artist: Gracie Abrams
Album: The Secret of Us (2024)
Lyrics: Gracie Abrams & Audrey Hobert

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