Ikona Lyrics by Dafina Zeqiri, from the album “The Absolute Vol. 1“.

Ikona Lyrics

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Song: Ikona
Artist: Dafina Zeqiri
Album: The Absolute Vol. 1 (2024)

Hey music lovers! Get ready to dive into the vibrant beats of Dafina Zeqiri’s latest track “Ikona” from the album “The Absolute Vol. 1,” set to drop on January 25, 2024! Distributed by the awesome StopTalking Music Group, this musical masterpiece is all set to make waves and steal hearts.

Brace yourselves for an unforgettable journey through sound, as Dafina Zeqiri’s talent shines bright in every note. With a copyright stamp proudly bearing the names MONEYZ & Yellowcake Inc., this release promises a musical experience like no other.

Save the date, mark your calendars, and join the global celebration of creativity as “Ikona” takes center stage. Let the rhythm take over and transport you to a world of pure musical bliss. Don’t miss out on the magic – January 25, 2024, is the day the music revolution begins! #Ikona #DafinaZeqiri #TheAbsoluteVol1 #NewMusicAlert

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