Hey there, I want to tell you about a cool song called “Intro (SMSP) Lyrics” by an artist named Big Homiie G. It’s part of an album called “Self Made Self Paid,” released in 2024. The music for this track was created by Lil Huncho & Elementary beats, while the lyrics were a collaboration betweeen Big Homiie G, Lil Huncho & Elementary beats. So, if you’re into music, this might be something you’d enjoy checking out!

Intro (SMSP) Lyrics

(Huncho made this)

I’m fresh off a family trip (Trip) who got that drank I need a sip (Sip)
I’m already up one (One) gun in hand I don’t come off the hip (Baow)
I just went ‘Vette (Skrtt) that bitch matte black I hit the gas I’m in it (Skrrt)
So many blues on me my pockets filled (Filled)
Fuck with ’em tough but I am not a Crip (Crip)
I’m back on my bully (Yeah) I hear ’em talkin’ better fix they lips (Nigga)
Hundred shots up in this microchop (Chop) you gon’ get the kill (Chop)
I don’t know ’bout nothin’ be goin’ on (On) nigga I plead the fith (Fifth)
She ain’t wanna fuck shit off the rip I bought that ho a Lyft (Bye)
Nigga talkin’ ’bout takin’ somethin’ from me (Me) that’s gon’ get you killed (Killed)
Talkin’ down ’bout another nigga (Why?) that ain’t how I’m built (Nah)
I come from a side where you can’t go (Go) ’cause you might not come back (I am)
Why you actin’ like you want this smoke? (Smoke) Knowin’ you ain’t like that (Why?)
I had kicked the cup for ’bout six months (Months) but you know I be right back (Ooh)
That drank got a nigga sprung (Ooh) mm taste it on my tongue (Yeah)
I remember when I was young, prayin’ not to be a bum (Bum)
I thank God for makin’ it happen (Happen) now I get paid off rappin’ (Ooh)

And now I get paid off rap
I get paid for tellin’ my story nigga
You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout? (Yeah)
Like for real
A nigga ain’t never give me nothin’ a nigga ain’t never gave me no hand-out
But a nigga ain’t never gon’ do me nothin’ (Let me teach you somethin’)
Forever have to stand on my own nigga (Yeah)

Everybody wanted me to fail (Fail) now they praisin’ me (Prasin’)
Askin’ me (Me) can I pay they rent like (Like) cost of livin’ cheap (What?)
I ain’t never asked nobody for shit (Shit) now everybody want a piece (Piece)
Crazy how this shit turned out to be my opps kid (Kid) bumpin’ me (Woah)
Put in so much overtime (Overtime) nah you can’t get shit for free (Free)
Remember my mama goin’ to jail (Jail) told her she ain’t got to break a lease (Nah)
Told her I’ll hold it down (Down) and I was just seventeen (Seventeen)
Stood on everything I said (Said) still out here playin’ green (Nigga)
Nigga, what the fuck you mean? (Huh?)
Pick a side you ain’t on my team (Nah)
They say my son comin’ just like me (Me) guess this shit in my genes (Genes)
Sometimes I get caught up in the moment make me wanna sing (Sing)
She know I’m a dog-ass nigga she won’t get a ring (Ha)
She might get some money I might buy her ass shots (Ooh)
I ain’t dropped in ’bout ten months I know my fans hot (Hot hot)
But I ain’t never stopped workin’ (Nah) this self-made G (This self-made G)
Ain’t nobody gave me nothin’ I’m who paid me (I’m who paid me nigga)

Big G
Let’s go
LG and 6 nigga
BG Loaf Boyz nigga
Yeah all that


Song: Intro (SMSP)
Artist: Big Homiie G
Album: Self Made Self Paid (2024)
Music: Lil Huncho & Elementary beats
Lyrics: Big Homiie G, Lil Huncho & Elementary beats

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