Jack Harlow Combo Meal Lyrics by JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown, from the album “SCARING THE HOES“, music has been produced by JPEGMAFIA, and Jack Harlow Combo Meal song lyrics are penned down by Danny Brown & JPEGMAFIA.

Jack Harlow Combo Meal Lyrics

I done bossed up on a bitch, bounced on the ho like, “Sayonara” (Style)
Everything about you is borrowed
Got big pockets like a fat man cargos
Nigga, you won’t see tomorrow
One phone call, your family’s sorrow (Go)
Just be a whole bunch of pyro
Shootin’ on niggas like Jannero Pargo (Doot, doot, doot, doot)
Hold up, watch out (Watch out)
Nigga, I’m about to go nuts (Go nuts)
Hoe, you say what? (Say what?)
Nigga better keep it on a hush
I’m out my mind, I don’t come from this planet (Style)
Drifted off, ended up somewhere stranded (Style)
Now I’m back, y’all niggas can’t handle it
Now I’m back, y’all niggas can’t stand it
Hold up, calm down (Calm down)
Nigga, just take a deep breath (Breath)
Who you, watch out (Watch out)
Better not take another step (Uh-uh)
One of one, niggas ain’t fuckin’ with me (Nah)
Live in the flesh, nigga, somethin’ to see (Yeah)
I make it hard for you niggas to breathe (Uh)
Never be another motherfucker like me (No)
Actin’ so brand new, but everything I wear is vintage
‘Bout to run up on you, take your spot and take your bitches
Man, I can’t fuck with y’all niggas, y’all let Jack Harlow sell y’all chicken

Uh, this that irregular wave
I’m smokin’ somethin’ unusual, but to me it’s just regular haze
They comin’ to clean out my cuticles
Tired of smokin’ these regular strains
You get used to these crackers accusin’ you
When you Black, it’s a regular thing

Uh, girl, it’s been minutes, it’s been hours
And it’s been days, bitch
I pray for you, always, it’s so tragic, babe

Uh, yeah, yeah, your path, it’s lookin’ like shit (Like shit)
Your bag, it’s lookin’ like shit (Like shit)
That ass is lookin’ like shit (Like shit)
Almost thirty, don’t know who you is, bitch, work it out
You ain’t even on shift, mm, look (Everything about JPEGs, I like)
Back in this bitch lookin’ bummy
The ket got my shoulder leanin’ like I’m Dro
All of that royalty, power, that fame and respect
It can’t change the fact that you a ho
Wipe me like Boosie, keep thinkin’ you Bruce Lee
When you could end up goin’ out like The Crow
Niggas want action, I’m not into actin’
Put you on the screen like I’m Christopher Nol’


Song: Jack Harlow Combo Meal
Artist: JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown
Album: SCARING THE HOES (2023)
Lyrics: Danny Brown & JPEGMAFIA

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