Love Lyrics by STRAPPED! Ft. Cyrax, from the album “Stay Strapped, Vol. 3“, and Love song lyrics are penned down by Cyrax.

Love Lyrics

All this cash that I’m stacking won’t fold
In the back smoking gas with my bros
Stop that act all that fuck shit no hoe
Like some glass, yeah I’m breaking the mold
I remember them nights on the road
Live my life, I’mma stick to the code
Never slip, I’mma stay in this mode
They gon feel this shit cross the whole globe
Mama waiting these racks I need more
Had to get it up right off the floor
Posted up where you niggas can’t go
Don’t hit my line if it ain’t bout some dough
Just put my dick up inside of her throat
Spark the blunt and I started to float
Always knew
I’m the one and the peoplе they know

Got some new shit that’s gonе blow your mind
Got a new bitch, she stay by my side
And my crew yeah you know we gon ride
They can’t find us we stay in the sky
When I hop on the beat, I’mma glide
All this dope yeah you know I be high
Fuck with shawty, I love her design
It’s a call on my phone, not decline
Used to be broke, I got on my grind
These niggas is slow, they running behind
I’m out of this world, a whole different kind
Won’t say a word, just like a mime
Use stay down, you gon get up and shine
I’m on fire, nigga know this my time
To the top had to get up and climb
Riding fast in this whip, I be flying


Song: Love
Artist: STRAPPED! Ft. Cyrax
Album: Stay Strapped, Vol. 3 (2023)
Lyrics: Cyrax

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