Hey there, I want to tell you about a cool song called “​​​motorway Lyrics” by an artist named Goat Girl. It’s part of an album called “Below the Waste” released in 2024. while the lyrics were by Holly Mullineaux, Clottie Cream & Rosy Bones, So, if you’re into music, this might be something you’d enjoy checking out!

​motorway Lyrics

Driving on the motorway
Moving to a better place
Changes everyday
Never take it in

Slow lane drifters
Past time listeners
Called out shotgun
Motion sickness
Road to nowhere
Doesnt matter
Are we staying
Won’t stop driving


Sleep was meant for yesterday
Now it all just seems the same
We fucked it all away
Oh the nights to blame

Driving driving
No confiding
Driving driving
Eyes averting
Where we going
No point knowing
Are we staying
Your shots call in
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Song: ​​motorway
Artist: Goat Girl
Album: Below the Waste (2024)
Lyrics: Holly Mullineaux, Clottie Cream & Rosy Bones

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