Mr. Rivera Lyrics by wifisfuneral, from the album “Black Heart Revenge 2“, music has been produced by vice fnf, and Mr. Rivera song lyrics are penned down by wifisfuneral.

Mr. Rivera Lyrics

Mr. Rivera, they waitin’
Mr. Rivera, they patient
Like where the f*ck you go?
I just disappear, shit who knows?
It’s just me, been living ghost
Tucking all my pain on this phone
[?] sinking like a battleship
[?] set to the doom
Came a long way from Henry basement, now they feel my soul
Give me a second right under
And let me thank my baby’s mother, for giving me life when they wouldn’t
See, I got Light with my life
Putting pain in the casket while smokin’ opps [?]
Hold up, Mr. Rivera ah
I think you hurt em’ back


Song: Mr. Rivera
Artist: wifisfuneral
Album: Black Heart Revenge 2 (2023)
Music: vice fnf
Lyrics: wifisfuneral

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