Never Had Shit Lyrics by Big Moochie Grape, from the album “East Haiti Baby“, latest song 2022, music has been produced by BandPlay, and Never Had Shit song lyrics are penned down by Big Moochie Grape & BandPlay.

Never Had Shit Lyrics

(Let the band play)
Big Moochie
Was thinking about the times I was broke as hell
Didn’t have a pot to piss in, or woulda thrown it of there
This shit over with
Let’s go

Juggin’, reminiscing while runnin’ through bands, remember them days, I was fucked up (Fucked up)
Killers, they with me, they shoot on demand, making a comment, get you fucked up (Fucked up)
Never had shit now I’m flooded with bands (Bands), spinnin’ on ‘net, get you touched up (Racks, racks)
Used to be lil’ nigga, now I’m the man, remember they didn’t believe in us (They didn’t believe in us)
Come from the gutter, we traveled with each other, you know I’ma ride for my brother, yeah (My brother)
We with the shit and we slanging them sticks and we field with cutters, yeah (Woo)
Post in the trap and we doubled the safe (Yeah, yeah) and the Jake come and look for brother (They looking for)
Bring your big head, bustin’ nothing, I fled, now Big Moochie burning on truffles (Zaza)
VVS diamonds, they bustin’, these bitches be coming in clusters, yeah (Yes, sir)
I done flooded my mouth, my neck, and my wrist and a couple of knuckles, yeah (Blind blop)
My niggas with me, they not with the talkin’, they ready to shoot of the muscle, yeah (Bitch)
Paper Route Illuminati stuck with the gang, it got the rest of you fuck niggas suckers, yeah (Illuminati)
Killers, they training me up in the SUV and it be flooded with rifles, yeah (Rifles)
Come to my hood and you’ll meet like I’m Jesus and I keep me a couple disciples, yeah (Amen)
Pull on your block with the Glocks and the chops and we striking shit off in the striker, yeah (Skrrt)
Rapping shit, it was my niggas, we all in the huddle, but we not doing no cypher

Trappin’ on AB, we serving the zombies (AB), as long as they coming, they bring us some money (They bring us some money)
500 for, I’m smoking real onions (500), bankrolls on me like I’m serving the country (I’m serving the country)
Trappin’ on AB, we serving the zombies (AB), as long as they coming, they bring us some money (Come on)
500 for, I’m smoking real onions (Smoking real onions), bankrolls on me like I’m serving the country (They serve)

Back in this bitch with a vengeance (Vengeance), they try to count me out, I’m on Dolph’s side, so fuck it, y’all kick the dog of the hinge (Kick it down)
Stupid lil’ bitch, I was born again (Born again), camers, they hot, try to warn again (I tried)
Used to be fucked up, now I’m on stake, stake, get money, yeah, I’m a torn on niggas (Get money)
Fuckin’ on big booty foreigns, lil’ nigga (Foreigns), I know you’re hot life is boring, lil’ nigga (Ha, bitch)

I ain’t never had shit, nigga
Niggas mad at me ’cause I came up (Yeah)
I did this shit quick as hell (Quick as hell, huh, ha-ha)
I don’t even know how I did this by myself (For real, for real)
But I’m way up there, I’m talking way way up there, nigga, I ain’t coming back down (Up there)
We ain’t going through what we used to (Uh-uh)
We gon’ try something new (Ha)


Song: Never Had Shit
Album: East Haiti Baby (2022)
Singer: Big Moochie Grape
Music: BandPlay
Lyrics: Big Moochie Grape & BandPlay

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