No Friends Lyrics by EST Gee Ft. 42 Dugg & Yo Gotti, from the album “Bigger Than Life Or Death“, music has been produced by TwixBeats & FOREVEROLLING, and No Friends song lyrics are penned down by Royce Monroe, EST Gee, Yo Gotti, 42 Dugg & FOREVEROLLING.

No Friends Lyrics


Still thuggin’, I ain’t let it change me
Realizing rappers cool with being broke long as they famous
Beach told me I’m the greatest way before I signed a major
I wonder how my life would be, I ain’t take that Jamaican
You get a chance to kill me, take it, miss, go meet your maker
Buy yeekies and buy sliders, help my youngins up they ranking
So rich, it might not feel good when we f*ck, but she still fake it
So stiff, I’m gettin’ loaded daily, trauma got me anxious
My only true love for my sons, any extra, they get
Our bond, they couldn’t brеak it, it faded, still sing your praises
You the onе knew me since a baby, I could feel you changin’
But give a f*ck less, ni**a, look at my success
You know you a bitch, keep rantin’ ’bout me on that tough shit
Slid behind the wheel, we hit the window, I say, “Dump, spit”
We don’t duck for cover, keep on busting ’til that gun click
Know you miss your brother, I’m tryna help you get to where he went

Just that type of day, they got me feeling like old Gotti
Just hopped out the Hellcat, ain’t f*ckin’ with no more exotic
Shootouts out the ‘Rari, what CEO you know mobbin’ with a Draco?
Maybe I ain’t grow up, ’cause my problems, I can’t let go
Yeah, old shit still bother me, my past still hauntin’ me
Still havin’ dreams ’bout the plug come and frontin’ me
Still havin’ schemes ’bout runnin’ off with a hundred
Ni**as talkin’ all this trap shit when I really done it
Ni**as pump-fakin’ this smoke shit when they don’t want it
‘Cause once you disrespect me or mines, you know we on it

My ni**as move off of numbers like every twenty a hundred
I throw it deep, doggy gone, I’m ridin’ right or you wrong
Put the gun down for what? Who the f*ck gon’ slide for us?
Neff and Rob ain’t die for nothin’, I miss you, I miss you more
Who ain’t up? Check the score, them boys been gettin’ torched
Chop somethin’, then bend the corner, free them boys
I just made five hundred, bitch, we them boys
One through six, another five comin’ through, I’m yours
Lil’ ni**as lookin’ up to the dope man
Got a couple bricks, started off with four grams
Gray been movin’ cool, but doggy, we need more tan
Yeah, ni**a, I been this turnt since ‘010
Ask a ni**a why, why he never wrote twin

Ni**as dissed me done been shot at or been toe-tagged
Water dried up and I’m glad Moski brought the coke in
Thought he was a boss, then I noticed he got broke friends
Every load I got for us, ni**a, I always broke bread
Sit it in the freezer, it get hard, you don’t need no fan
Youngin out the east can’t spell his name, but he can dope fan
Flunkies die tryna be gang, I call it smokin’
Search for opps on every block, ni**as ain’t drop no pin
Young shiner, red zone dada, I don’t need no friends
F*ck you talkin’ ’bout?

You already know what’s up with me, man, it’s EST Gee
5500, the big general, man
BMF, AO, EST, young shiners for life
Red zone ’til my head gone


Song: No Friends
Artist: EST Gee Ft. 42 Dugg & Yo Gotti
Album: Bigger Than Life Or Death (2021)
Music: TwixBeats & FOREVEROLLING
Lyrics: Royce Monroe, EST Gee, Yo Gotti, 42 Dugg & FOREVEROLLING

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