Hey there, I want to tell you about a cool song called “No Love Lyrics” by an artist named Fivio Foreign Ft. Vory. It’s part of an album called “Pain & Love 2,” released in 2024. The music for this track was created by Rico Beats, Jetz (Producer) & X10, while the lyrics were a collaboration between Fivio Foreign, Vory, Rico Beats, Cha Cha Malone & Frederick Poole. So, if you’re into music, this might be something you’d enjoy checking out!

No Love Lyrics

Rico’s going crazy
Jetz’ cooking
No love lost no love lost no love lost for you
No love lost no love lost no love lost for you
Huh yeah yeah yeah

Yeah It’s time for a touch up uh
Get rid of the niggas that fucked up
If you loyal to me then it’s just us
If I argue with you then it’s tough love
Niggas is hatin’ it’s makin’ me tougher
They watchin’ me winnin’ it’s makin’ ’em suffer
If she not my bitch then I don’t really trust her
So they act like they cool but they don’t really love us
(They act like they-) Fuck ’em
Go to the hood, nigga get mе a brush up (Nigga get me a brush up)
Huh, they tеll me everything happenin’
I knew that nigga was fake and a fraud and lyin’ the moment I sat with him
I got a problem I call up my Africans
He got deported but he made it back again
You don’t wanna meet all the niggas it’s back again
And I just wanna hear my nigga TDott laugh again
This is a hard livin uh
All of this fame and money is God given
But the pain done made us some dark niggas
We are not them it’s a large difference (It’s a large difference)
Uh, yeah live a dark life you get a dark vision
Live a dark life you get a dark vision
Niggas all talk ’til the sparks flickin’ (Bow)

They say “Legends never die” must’ve never seen against a crowd
Ridin’ with the nina on my side prayin’ to God a nigga don’t try ayy
The love I give is automatic baby
The love they show is automatic (Ayy ayy)
Fuck all the woos it’s problematic (Ayy ayy)
Hellcat parked in the zoo like paramedics (Ayy ayy)
He think he a funny man ting like Druski not no joke to my broskis (Ayy)
I catch an opp at [?] some say less then he ringin’ up police
(Ayy geh geh geh)
Ayy the love that I give is automatic (Say)
You can’t show me love if you never had it woah
The love that I give is automatic

No love lost no love lost no love lost for you (Ayy)
No love lost no love lost no love lost for you (Yeah)
Yeah, before I forgive all you motherfuckers
No love lost for you (Yeah)


Song: No Love
Artist: Fivio Foreign Ft. Vory
Album: Pain & Love 2 (2024)
Music: ​Rico Beats, Jetz (Producer) & X10
Lyrics: Fivio Foreign, Vory, Rico Beats, Cha Cha Malone & Frederick Poole

The song “No Love” by Fivio Foreign Ft. Vory delves into themes of loyalty, struggle, and resilience against betrayal. Fivio reflects on the challenges of trust amidst fame and money, highlighting the dark realities that accompany success. The lyrics depict a gritty narrative of street life, where loyalty is scarce and betrayal lurks. Fivio emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself and one’s circle, even amidst adversity. The song’s raw honesty and assertive delivery convey a message of self-preservation and strength in the face of deceit. It’s a reminder that in a world filled with betrayal, one must guard their heart and trust wisely.

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