No Love (Outro) Lyrics by Alex Vaughn, from the album “The Hurtbook“, music has been produced by DJ Money & X-Mane, and No Love (Outro) song lyrics are penned down by Alex Vaughn, Kevin Theodore & DJ Money.

No Love (Outro) Lyrics

I can’t do love ’cause I love too hard
Pump my brakes ‘fore I take it too far
Because why did I give you the keys to my car?
When you ain’t send one text, I don’t know where you are
Like who you think you are?
But you know how to say just enough so we kiss and we make up
But every time that I’m up in your bed’s when I wake up
Ain’t been right for a minute, no, no
Déjà vu, until you get it
Dé-déjà vu to you, uh

Ain’t no love for these niggas
I’m not bitter but that shit’s bad for your helth
I had to learn for myself
So no, ain’t no love for these niggas
Look, I’m only tryna hеlp
Before it’s somebody еlse

No, oh-oh, oh
No, no-no, no-no
No, oh, oh-oh

Girl, chin up, chest out
Snap out of that depression
Walk him like a dog, sis
Our mothers raised us right
But around here, we do shit like our daddies
Stop breakin’ your heart by exaggeratin’ your place in other people’s lives
They don’t even deserve you
You on your worst day? Huh, it’s still a vibe
Stop tryna make everybody happy
You ain’t tequila, bitch
I’m not bitter
A nigga can really go where happy at
I’m hurt, not broken


Song: No Love (Outro)
Artist: Alex Vaughn
Album: The Hurtbook (2022)
Music: DJ Money & X-Mane
Lyrics: Alex Vaughn, Kevin Theodore & DJ Money

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