Normal Life Lyrics by Geena Fontanella, music has been produced by Geena Fontanella, and Normal Life song lyrics are penned down by Geena Fontanella.

Normal Life Lyrics

I was always told just to walk a straight line
But I was never meant for the single file life
Want a big house, not to be a housewife
Still sleepin’ past nine

Don’t tell me you’re sorry, keep your sorries to yourself
And I don’t wanna act my age ’cause, man, that sounds like hell

I, I, don’t want a normal life
I, I, would rather freakin’ die
You put all your kids to sleep
And then you go and smoke some weed
It’s fine, but I, don’t want a normal life


Song: Normal Life
Artist: Geena Fontanella
Music: Geena Fontanella
Lyrics: Geena Fontanella

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