On Wrong Side Lyrics by ​Ilsey Ft. Bon Iver, from the album “From The Valley“.

On Wrong Side Lyrics

Storm’s only starboard
Maybe you wanted more
Maybe you saw me comin’
Down in the hole
I wait around
Maybe I’ll wait in Rome
Given all we have atoned

So I sail on the lonely wave
Something’s wrong with the way you face
Baby, I don’t wanna be to brave
Don’t you ever feel alone?
Not where hearts go beatin’ on
I don’t know why
Tell me what you’re waitin’ on
What are you waiting for
Baby, you saw me comin’

Maybe you’ll find me further down the line
Maybe you’ll send Janine to tend the vine
I don’t really need to settle any score
Runnin’ out the battle I’d won the war
So even if I swear I feel I loved you more
Whatever you wanted it for
Maybe it’s my love you ignored
On wrong side
Feels like back in ’84, but it was long before
Wonderin’ what you saw me for

Don’t hold on
On wrong side
Don’t hold on
On wrong side
Don’t hold on
On wrong side


Song: On Wrong Side
Artist: Ilsey Ft. Bon Iver
Album: From The Valley (2023)

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