Once Again Lyrics by Sushi Soucy, from the album “Rockabye (Original Cast Recording)“, and Once Again song lyrics are penned down by Sushi Soucy.

Once Again Lyrics

Hi folks, hi guys!
My name’s Simon

Once again, I must rely
On nobody
Once again, I must remind myself
Of the people

Traitorous bastards
Who let me down
And I know that it’s
Not your fault really

But I can’t help the resentment
Building inside my heart
I can feel it burning
It consumes all in the end

Never trust a hand no matter
Who extends
Should I be surprised that after
Trusting them

Promptly doom
I’m unaccompanied
Adrift in an infinite sea

How can I learn to trust
What’s left of the world
If what’s left is me

I’m waiting
To join you in insanity
Lonely is the
Sane mentality

Once again
I lose my faith in the love
Humanity, fuck you
All of you

Fuck you respectfully
God, I can’t wait to be dead
Or out of this
Nightmare dimension at least

Unlikely since it seems as if
I’m responsible for your lives
It all comes down
To me


Song: Once Again
Artist: Sushi Soucy
Album: Rockabye (Original Cast Recording) (2023)
Lyrics: Sushi Soucy

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