Hey there, I want to tell you about a cool song called “​​peppermints Lyrics” by an artist named koi. It’s part of an album called “2019,” released in 2024. The music for this track was created by ​PrettyBoyRon, while the lyrics were by ​koi. So, if you’re into music, this might be something you’d enjoy checking out!

​​peppermints Lyrics

Oh, nah, nah, nah, uh, yeah

I need a Panamera, 360, I’m tryna see you near it (Yeah)
Bet my vision clear, type of shit is very rare
I need a new whip every year before the tires wear (Go)
Y’all still dropping shit, who cares? Y’all got a money fear (Oh yeah)
Y’all got a phobia of making money, dropping hits (Yeah)
I got a folder full of them, we can scroll through the list (Yeah)
I can bet whatever price, there ain’t a single fucking miss (Miss, uh)
I’ve lost some bad bitches in my life, I nevеr trip (I never trip)
I like spеnding money, only reason I ain’t rich (Yeah)
I got Dior brooches, I don’t need no letterman (Go)
If I end it like that shit, it’s for my betterment (Oh yeah)
She think I’m stressed, I’m at the hotel eating peppermints
I’m acting like this effortless (Yeah)
I’m doing my best, I don’t wanna bring up the elephant
She like, “You better than this” (Nah, nah)
She going through my phone like I would ever do that shit, uh
You know I wouldn’t do that shit

Five-star meals, shit, it panned out
Never had my hand out
I can help people out, I got bands now (Yeah)
Sat on yo’ hands and fucked ’round
Crazy I’m the one that they can’t stand now

Yeah, I met some women on my way and you the standout
Thought about hitting you the other day but it’s been awhile (Been awhile)
Heard you getting into real estate, you doing home tours
Tryna do a show in yo’ state and bring you on tour
Let’s have an encore (Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah)
If it’s all mirage, I’ll fall for it
If I fall, I’ll get back like I’m Paul George (Paul George, yeah)
Say that shit behind my back, you’ll hear popcorn, uh (Nah, nah, nah)
My bro been selling bags out that hatch’ since sophomore
I’ve been laying back, getting ash on the Tom Ford
I got issues, I won’t be exact, but they all sorts
All the times I called out your name was uncalled for

So much smoke, we got the state looking foggy
She ain’t doing nothin’ wrong, but she keep saying sorry (Yeah)
Did a couple shows, there was hardly an audience
Still, I hit the stage, did more time than allotted
I’m starting to think this shit obvious (Go)
You might get a hit, but you ain’t got nothin’ to follow it (Yeah)
Got a bad bitch tryna check my astrology
She putting me onto collagen (Yeah, yeah)
She saving up for college, but she still drive an Audi, yeah (Oh, nah, nah, nah)
I dropped a bag on a whip last year and I don’t use it
One red flag then that’s it, I’m through with it
Gave the number to my phone off two digits (Two digits)
Only way I’ll sign a deal is with GOOD Music (Mm)

Shit, I would sign with Maybach, I would sign with Maybach, for sure
One or the other
Yeah, I’ll make sure you took care of
New Chanel, ten pairs
Balmain, Hysteric, whatever
In this life, ain’t shit fair
Somethin’ more like ten karats
Any less, I’m embarrassed, mm (Yeah)


Song: ​​peppermints
Artist: koi
Album: 2019 (2024)
Music: PrettyBoyRon

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