Religion Lyrics by G Perico & DJ Drama, from the album “Hot Shot: Gangsta Grillz“, music has been produced by Sorry Jaynari, and Religion song lyrics are penned down by G Perico & DJ Drama.

Religion Lyrics

(Dramatic, nig*a)
When I talk to the streets
Shit’s like a religion

We jumped on a plane and we flew out of state
Landed in the next city, time to get paid
Every month, I need a million dollars, right now, that’s the goal
Say you wanna do business, well, what you got goin’ in?
It’s houses in my hood that cost a half a million
Niggas spin the block all day, around that bitch, killin’
If you ain’t really gettin’ money, you can’t live in my city
A gang of famous niggas gettin’ killed in my city
We bust first, then we ask the questions later
I was taught to get it on my own, I don’t need no favors
I was eatin’ Tams, now my taste stuck on Nobu
Flyin’ up PCH in a C8 with no roof
Don’t try to hit me on my phone, I think it’s tapped
Don’t even try to talk in code, you gon’ gеt a nig*a cracked
And I got Versace shadеs coverin’ up the sun rays
Flyin’ in my ‘Vette, I pull that bitch out every Sunday
Mic check, Glock check, my nig*a with the flock check
Can’t take advice from a nig*a that ain’t got shit
They talk shit, but I ain’t worried ’bout it, ’cause we drop shit
On the Eastside, I’m the top shit

I gotta keep it G, I ain’t never ask for no favors
These nig*as was tuckin’ they ‘rags when I came in the game
I’m a young OG nig*a from South Central
Where keepin’ your pistol is religion

Don’t be leanin’ on my car, that shit cost two hundred thousand
Jumpin’ out like a hoodrat in my cut-off trousers
Don’t pull a gun if you ain’t gon’ use it, that’s how you end up dead
When you say how you really feel, that’s how you lose your friends
God protect me from any nig*a I know that wanna knock me off
Tryna politic over little petty shit, nig*a, knock it off
It’s a celebration, I keep winnin’, I can’t stop
I’m recouped before my shit drop
Independent, Innerprize Clicc, yeah, that’s my shit
You see the African over there with the long hair? Yeah, that’s my bit*h
Niggas hit my phone like, “Come kick it,” I don’t trust ’em
When I get to the block and if I feel nervous, then I’m bustin’

I gotta keep it G (Gangsta), I ain’t never ask for no favors
These niggas was tuckin’ they ‘rags when I came in the game
I’m a young OG nig*a from South Central
Where keepin’ your pistol is religion

(Gangsta Grizzills)
Welcome to Dram’s holy scriptures
When I’m gone, let the stories be told from generation to generation


Song: Religion
Artist: G Perico & DJ Drama
Album: Hot Shot: Gangsta Grillz (2023)
Music: Sorry Jaynari
Lyrics: G Perico & DJ Drama

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