Ribbons Lyrics by Ryan Beatty, from the album “Calico“, music has been produced by Ethan Gruska & Ryan Beatty, and Ribbons song lyrics are penned down by Ryan Beatty & Ethan Gruska.

Ribbons Lyrics

It took all of California
To remind you why you came
Monterey to Camarillo
Camarillo to L.A
Driving with the headlights off
Ribbons running down your face
‘Cause you’ve never known love like that
So you dance the night away
And the night bleeds into Sunday morning
And it feels like it’s going your way
Then all the lights in the bar turn on
And you remember why you came

And suddenly you’re sober
And you stay up for the sunrise like a songbird
Moonwalking like a creep
Just happy to, to be here at all
And suddenly you’re older
Spinning the turnstile over and over
Who’s gonna hold you while you sleep? Wеll
It’s brave to be nothing to no one at all

It’s out of my hands
What can I tеll you?
I’m not losing it
I’m just having a laugh
Counting my paces
I’m making faces
At the one who stares at me
At the end of the glass


Song: Ribbons
Artist: Ryan Beatty
Album: Calico (2023)
Music: Ethan Gruska & Ryan Beatty
Lyrics: Ryan Beatty & Ethan Gruska

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