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​​sail Lyrics

I’m your dirt
It’s always what you wanted
Sunken ship
My message in a bottle
Setting sail
In search of something solid
So innocent
A knife still in your pocket
I don’t see what you mean
I still hurt in my dreams
Can I put on a front just for fun? Just for fun
So you kick and scream
Treat me like a machine
Fifth floor’s never before
Looked so low, looked so low
Could’ve been
Anything I wanted
But I still can’t come up with something
Print my face, save yourself the moment
It’s in your eyes, it’s what you want
Lights went out
I had wished on a flying comet
So it crashed inside my apartment
I stuffed everything inside my closet
Because I’m leaving tonight

I’m here for you right now
No matter how you treat me
So I been away [?] what I wanted, what I wanted
I feel lost and all alone [?]
Understand [?] every morning, every morning


Song: ​​sail
Album: still-life (2024)
Music: twikipedia
Lyrics: twikipedia

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