Scott Pilgrim Lyrics by DC The Don, from the album “My Own Worst 3nemy“, Produced by Elixsr, Leqn & LouieOnTheKeys, and DC The Don Scott Pilgrim song are written by LouieOnTheKeys & DC The Don.

Scott Pilgrim Lyrics – DC The Don

I just broke up with my bitch and now I’m single, ayy
And now I wanna mingle, had to tell her two times ’cause the bitch bilingual, ayy
Started feelin’ like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, all my exes been trippin’, yeah
Need a chill pill right now ’cause a nigga got anxious, refill my prescriptions, please

And I hope you remember me, ayy
When you drunk off Hennessy, ayy
With this Hennessy, you and me, ayy
I’m dreamin’ a new galaxy, ayy

I’ve been trippin’ on god and I note it
I stay down and I’m truly devoted, ayy
And it feel like Lil’ Daij got promoted
If it came out my mouth then it probably got quoted

My young niggas with me, these lil’ niggas goated
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I can snatch a bitch, cuban link with a white tee
Treat her like a dog ’cause this bitch ain’t a wifey

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I’m an asshole and I say it politely
I don’t get why these young niggas like me
I don’t get why your bitch tryna ride me

I don’t know why these niggas wanna fight me, damn
You upstate, you is not from the city
Boy, be careful, we don’t take it lightly
In the bay with my bitch gettin’ icy

Honestly, I miss all of them nights, B
And that was pathetic but you know how I be
And you still somewhere lost, movin’ light speed


Song: Scott Pilgrim
Artist: DC The Don
Album: My Own Worst 3nemy (2022)
Produced by: Elixsr, Leqn & LouieOnTheKeys
Written by: LouieOnTheKeys & DC The Don

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