Shooting Stars (Thorns) Lyrics by Polo G, from the album “HOOD POET“, music has been produced by Lufye, Shottie & Southside, and Shooting Stars (Thorns) song lyrics are penned down by Polo G, Southside, Lufye & Shottie.

Shooting Stars (Thorns) Lyrics

Mm, huh, huh, pain got your
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh

Pain got your heart cold
I need a light for my dark soul
Singing his problems when that guitar string
I wonder where shooting stars go
Thought it was death do us ‘part, no?
Don’t wanna rush it, let’s start slow
Can’t be your husband, I’m too far gone
We went from flood storms into sharp roads


Song: Shooting Stars (Thorns)
Artist: Polo G
Album: HOOD POET (2023)
Music: Lufye, Shottie & Southside
Lyrics: Polo G, Southside, Lufye & Shottie

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