Stephon Diggs 2 Lyrics by Conway the Machine & Jae Skeese, from the album “Pain Provided Profit“, music has been produced by Graymatter (producer), and Stephon Diggs 2 song lyrics are penned down by Conway the Machine & Jae Skeese.

Stephon Diggs 2 Lyrics

Turn me up a lil’ bit
Lil’ more, headphones
Turn that shit up
Yeah, look

My story is the motivation, I was fightin’ open cases
Now I’m doin’ shows and gettin’ bags way out in Copenhagen
They give me my roses when I go on stages
And they barely spoke the language
But they still quote the statements and all the shit I wrote in pages (Woo)
Bro, you hatin’, but you never drove a spaceship
I come from the hood just like you, I wasn’t ‘posed to make it (I’m from the hood too)
That’s why all your hoes is basic
My bitch got the tri-color Cuban, the gold with the bracelet (Facts)
Bottle girl, come open cases, Pateks with the frozen faces (Woo)
You can ask bro, I sold yayo
Stand at the stove with the baking soda, you know I’m gon’ make it blow up
It’s multiplication, hold up (Tussle)
If you wanted somethin’, then you supposed to take it
They lied when they told you, “Be patient”
That’s why when you focus, you dangerous (Uh-huh)
But every day, y’all just go through the same shit
That’s why ni**as broke that you hang with
Look, I required everything that I desired twice
They told me sky’s the limit, but I went higher, like

My story is motivation, it should be motivatin’ you ni**as
My story is the motivation, uh
(Motivate the streets, ni**a, young bosses)
My story is motivation (Came from nothin’ here)
I started with nothin’ just like you, I wasn’t ‘posed to make it
My story is motivation (Came from the bottom to the top)
Bottle girl, come open Aces, Pateks with the frozen faces, my story is motivation
Yeah, uh, woo, my story is the motivation (Woo, woo)

Uh, yeah, look (Uh)
They say my city’s like a war capital
I rose above, I’m thinkin’, “More capital”
More capital, more capital, etched it in my brain in all capitals
Ni**as here will try Warren Sappin’ you, broken clavicles, run south
Evade the rest, this is all finesse, smooth as a bottle of the RumChata
It’s hell that I made it up out of with the one-liners
Had Justin Credible askin’, “Who you bring to Leakers?”
Sickness seepin’ when I reach the speaker
Fresher than a pair of Easter sneakers, somethin’ that you never heard before
I’m about my green, I’m an herbivore
Mansion talk, I wanted furnished floors
Jae [want hot, serve all green?][2:26] with the purple quartz, I’m cut from a certain cloth
I learned to fly before I learned to walk
I learned to spit before I learned to talk
I let you eat, but feel this verse is salt
I lost my dawg, that really hurt my heart
I kept my fire, I’ma burn the torch
Was goin’ hard when I was earnin’ shorts
I’m goin’ hard, but I’m deservin’ more
I told myself I’m next, that’s when heard the Lord
Con’ threw the bomb, that’s when I turned to Moss
Look, I’m in search of balance on an even kilter
I penned my truth and they believe the scriptures
To appreciate the beauty of the summer
Yearly, yes, you gotta see the winter, it’s like that


Song: Stephon Diggs 2
Artist: Conway the Machine & Jae Skeese
Album: Pain Provided Profit (2023)
Music: Graymatter (producer)
Lyrics: Conway the Machine & Jae Skeese

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