Survivors Guilt Lyrics by ​Joey Bada$$, from the album “2000“, music has been produced by Rahki, and Survivors Guilt song lyrics are penned down by Michael C. Flowers, Rahki & Joey Bada$$.

Survivors Guilt Lyrics

I thought I was goin’ crazy, you know?
And like, I realize that I wasn’t the one that was crazy
I realized that it’s the system that was built against me, you know?
And like, I’m not supposed to be talkin’ about this
And that’s the corruption of it, because like, me just saying it is absurd
And I want people to open up their eyes and realize that I’m not wrong, you know?
I-I’m, I’m just a openminded individual, and people should be more openminded
If-If we tryna build up our lives to have material things
And those don’t satisfy our needs, what are we living for?
Right, right, come on (Alright)

This onе is for you, uh-huh
This one is for you, (Is for you, for you, for you, ooh)
This one is for you, uh-huh
This one is for you (Is for you, for you, for you, ooh)
(It’s alright)

Steezy told mе, “Get ’em,” so I got ’em (Got ’em)
Now my nigga gone, he will never be forgotten (Never)
Ever since he left, I just been strugglin’ without him (Uh-huh)
‘Cause I remember linkin’ after school and we’d be plottin’ (Plottin’)
Talk about our problems and what we do about ’em (Yeah)
Journalin’ and jottin’, we ain’t know the world was watchin’ (Facts)
We was just two kids tryna make it out the bottom (Uh-huh)
Now I’m rich and rotten, everyday I think about him, it’s survivors guilt
Wishin’ I coulda stopped him, let alone just know how he feel
Lyrically couldn’t top him, he was the nigga with the belt (Uh-huh)
Yeah, and that’s real rap, I couldn’t do this shit without him, and that’s just fact
You see, if you ain’t know Steelo, then you really don’t know me though (No)
And that’s how I separate all the real from fake people (Yeah)
Or the real from fake fans (Uh-huh)
Who claimin’ that they stans (Uh-huh)
But they ain’t know my mans (No)
Until the very end, wish he was still here
I swear it feels weird how people could accuse me for his death
Sometimes I gotta shed a real tear (Tear)
You see, the truth about Steelo, he lacked the mental health (He did)
But try to tell that to people way back in 2012 (I can’t)
But now that it’s a mainstream topic
I’m guessin’ I can finally open up and talk about it
So yeah, let’s talk about it (Yeah)
Come into my mind, I show you where the darkest cloud is
You ready? I doubt it, but let’s go
You see, Steelo was my bigger bro (Uh-huh)
At a point in time, spiritually, we was in the same boat, but
I wanted to take it slow, he wanted to take it as fast
And deep as he could go, pause
Yeah, we had some problems, but what brothers don’t?, sure
Then I caught a little wave and headed back to shore
And that’s when he started drowning
And he had no one around him, so partially I feel it’s my fault (Hey) And that right there is my internal war (Uh-huh)
The reason why I got to feel these external flaws
The reason why I can’t heal this eternal loss
The reason why I gotta feel the survivors remorse (Shh)
And here’s a message to his fam
I know y’all got emotional trauma, that, I understand (I understand)
But I couldn’t fuck with, y’all try to tell the world I wasn’t who I am
When all I ever tried to do was lend a hand (That wasn’t cool)
And give the fans the thing that they demand the most
King Capital, the fucking GOAT, word
I’m just tryna get my nigga heard, give him what he deserves

This one is for you, uh-huh
This one is for you, (Is for you, for you, for you, ooh)
This one is for you, uh-huh
This one is for you (Is for you, for you, for you, ooh)
(It’s alright)

Yeah, and R.I.P. my cousin Junior B (R.I.P)
Y’all ain’t know too much about him, so it’s up to me (It’s up to me)
To share his legacy with the world
It kills me to think he’ll never meet my baby girl (Shh)
And when I lost Jun’, that hurt me in the worst way (Worst way)
He even died two days before his birthday (His birthday)
Damn, that brings tears to my eyes
My nigga really never made it up to twenty-five (Damn)
That’s why I’m thanking God every time I open my eyes (Uh-huh)
Add the fact that we alive and we feelin’ these vibes (Vibes)
‘Cause we be fillin’ these voids, part of me got destroyed (Facts)
When I lost my boys, it’s like I lost my voice (Uh-huh)
It took me all of this time just to put it in a song (Song)
Because I’m still dealin’ with the fact my niggas is gone (Yeah)
Write they names up on the clouds ’cause that’s where they belong (Uh-huh)
As long as I live on, they’ll forever be known, this one for you
This one for–, yeah

This one is for you, uh-huh
This one is for you (Is for you, for you, for you, ooh)
(Long as you’ll forever be know, this one’s for you)
This one is for you, uh-huh
This one is for you (Is for you, for you, for you, ooh)

Yeah, I’m off to— I’m off to Deliani, Deli Honest
So I’ma make this quick, you know
Pastor black lip back on that shit
True story, look, so I’m in New York, my first time
One of my first times that I’m, I’m playin’ my-my, one of my first albums for the big homie, and he got these kids in there, they just on skateboards
I’m like, “Yo, this super cool,” this, this guy got the kids out here, you know, keepin’ the kids off of the streets, right?
So, fast forward a year later, I go back to New York, and then I meet this kid, he’s like, “Yeah, man, I don’t know if you remember me, me and my homies, the Pro Era”
Crazy, I was like, “Oh, yeah, wha-what’s your name?”
He said, “Capital STEEZ,” I said, “Oh, okay, fosho”
Fast forward, my boy Doe called me, Doe Burger! Ahaha
That nigga called me and say, “Yo, you heard these kids, the Pro Era? Joey Bada$$?”
I’m like, “Yeah, yeah, I met the kid Capital STEEZ, they crazy”
Fast forward another year or so, I’m on tour with Joey
We been fourty-seven ever since, man, we got that shit tatted on us, man, for life, man
Tryin’ to show the move, man, you know?
Everything come back around full circle, you know what I mean?


Song: Survivors Guilt
Singer: Joey Bada$$
Album: 2000 (2022)
Music: Rahki
Lyrics: Michael C. Flowers, Rahki & Joey Bada$$

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