Swan Song Lyrics by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, from the album “The Silver Cord“, music has been produced by Stu Mackenzie, and Swan Song song lyrics are penned down by Stu Mackenzie, Ambrose Kenny-Smith, Michael Cavanagh, Cook Craig, Lucas Skinner & Joey Walker.

Swan Song Lyrics

Drink your booze and smoke your weed
Drain the vein and bleed for me
The ground is swaying beneath your feet
You can’t see shit and you can’t breathe
Kicked yourself in the teeth
Drowning young in the fountain of youth
You followed those breadcrumbs like a sleuth
Once was full of youth and ruthless
Now you’re frail and limp and toothless
Everything you say is useless

‘Tis the mothers voice on meek winds
“Be unto the void for your sins”
Flowers droop their heads in sorrow
Rivers run with no tomorrow

Throw in the towel, hang up your boots
The last leaves falling, ripped from roots
Diminishing hubris, sunken crown
The sphere a jagged, arid mound
Dumbest jester in the town
The wrecking ball is fast approaching
Engulfing spirit lingers, floating
We bid farewell, all hope is lost
The clock has ticked its final tock
A barren lifeless rock

Birds do mourn and no longer trill
The great death cometh to bring ill
Crystal ball foretells dire fate
Alas! The reckoning, too late

Swan song
Death comes
Swan song
Death comes

Let it out with a final sigh
Our mother fades away
Leaving the world behind
Blistering in a blaze
Flickering flamed-eyed
I feel the earth shake
Splitting without a splice
It’s irreversible
We’re moving counterclockwise
Illuminate the finishing inquisition
Embrace the overbearing inhibitions
I lay my skull down and throw in the towel
I’m left with a bad taste in my mouth
Choking on the earth’s erosion

Swan song
Death comes
These breaths I breathe so bitter and bleak
Swan song
Death comes
This path we chose has caught up to speed

Cut the cord
Go explore
Be untethered
Be unequalled
Grab the sword
Be emperor
Be yourself
Be an orb
Be your spirit
Don’t fear it
Score the music
Of your essence
Be a photon
Swan song
Death comes

Stars fall from their lofty places
Earth has been put through her paces
Cosmic surgeons cut the cable
Make a new world if you’re able


Song: Swan Song
Artist: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Album: The Silver Cord (2023)
Music: Stu Mackenzie
Lyrics: Stu Mackenzie, Ambrose Kenny-Smith, Michael Cavanagh, Cook Craig, Lucas Skinner & Joey Walker

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