The Hills Lyrics by Courting, from the album “New Last Name“.

The Hills Lyrics

[?] what I know I think, I saw the
Final seed of a recorded
[?] day I couldn’t
Comprehend what they were going for
And they would clap the hands
And you would still be silent
And they would set the stage
And we could go out driving

I just need warm water and company
[?] flowers on the centrepiece
With the [?] and post receipt

But I guess we’re doing fairly well
She got out of jail today
I painted my nails baby blue
I told you that I changed my name
But why must we get sick and die?
Why must all the isles change?
Whеn I found you in the supermarket
You didn’t havе a word to say
Except that I’ve gone up in price
So now there’s nothing left to save
And I’ve paid for this like twenty times
And now all I’ve got left is change
I dream that I was verified
Nothing could ever be the same
In my head, we had separate cars
With our names on the license plate

And [?] far away
And [?] if we had time to waste


Song: The Hills
Artist: Courting
Album: New Last Name (2024)

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