The Story Lyrics by Masked Wolf, from the album “In The Realm Of Giants“, music has been produced by Tyron Hapi, and The Story song lyrics are penned down by Masked Wolf & Tyron Hapi.

The Story Lyrics

Let me tell you a story about a little kid that never gave up
See, he used to go to school, but hated it since day one (Hmm)
Day one, maybe you liked it on occasions
But the moraI of the story is there was something more he was chasing
Kids used to bully him for being fat
Used to call him Mel Grande
I’ll leave it to you to decipher that
Then this little kid found a pen
Then proceeded to find a pad
Then he listened to Eminem
Then bеcame a G-Unit fan
Then he listеned to Mr. West
Wanted dinner, graduation class
Had many men on repeat
But every turn he finished last
And every day he grew more restless
Caring way like a poor bearer
Losing faith to more errors
Couldn’t escape need more treasure
Had to get things off his chest
Went to sleep but couldn’t rest
Needed hope but wasn’t blessed
No escape just building stress

This way the story defines him (Ayy)
A change in the wind, adjusting the climate (Wore)
This way he broke with the silence
Developed the sound and couldn’t deny it (Ayy)
This was the tide of the change and mind rearranged one in the face
Somebody had something to say
He would just turn the cheek and kept looking away (Yeah)

I got blindsided, flashing lights, my mind trying (Whoa)
Hypnotized, no autopilot, they want the crown, don’t got the knowledge (Ayy)
Told them this shit took over decade
Told them that I’d be the one like sensei
On this shit don’t worry about rent pay on my wheels, yeah
This my segway (That’s it), let me hold you out the ego
Love silence more than all these people (Ayy)
Fake friends let me show you what is lethal (Word)
Shake hands with fakes make you equal
It’s going way over your head (Yeah)
What’s your crown worth if I got no head? (Ayy)
Your first not worth when you really said
But you still keep talking dead presidents

Got no theme song, no blackberry
Just dream strong, this track heavy
Just be warned I’m that ready
Just be warned I’m that ready


Song: The Story
Artist: Masked Wolf
Album: In The Realm Of Giants (2023)
Music: Tyron Hapi
Lyrics: Masked Wolf & Tyron Hapi

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